Awall Aka 2Piece Squashington Music / Press

“Awall writes clever lyrics and Boombox creates music that sets a fitting mood for the message and feelings for each song....Review for BoomBox Massacre The Mixtape Ft. Awall Aka 2piece”

“Awall sits at the top looking down on a razed kingdom, tossing aside the material spoils of victory to stoically gaze over a sovereignty bereft of weakness and artifice. some men just wanna see the world burn-and some of those men just wanna see who will survive through the flames....Review for Awall's song " When It Burns Down"”

“Support Your Local Music!!! And If Hatin's Ur Occupation I Got A Full Time Job For You...”

“BoomMan And Mobbin LP,By Boombox Massacre and Awall Aka 2piece coming soon”