Avi Wisnia / Press

"Philly native, Avi Wisnia, plays his own compositions reminiscent of a Brazilian Bossa Nova. Add in his soothing vocals and poetic lyrics and you’ve got something you’ve never heard before."

"Jazzy singer-songwriter Avi Wisnia has a Ben Folds-y way of weaving stories into his piano-driven songs."

“Avi Wisnia is bringing something fresh to the singer-songwriter genre. From behind a keyboard he pours out his original songs influenced by Brazilian bossa nova, acoustic American folk, 1950s west-coast jazz and contemporary pop. His reference points alone would surely make him stand out from the crowd but his skill with lyrics and melody, combined with his humor and friendly tone, invite audiences to stick around and listen a while.”

Sean Timmons - Artistic Director - Appel Farm Arts & Music Festival

“Completely refreshing. Combining bossa nova with soul and jazz and adding startlingly clever lyrical turns, Wisnia creates his award-winning sound... If Wisnia’s sampling of lush, complex songs are any indication of what’s to come, listeners will be waiting eagerly for more.”

"Is there ever "Something New" in music? One listen to the debut CD of Avi Wisnia and you can hear the answer is a resounding YES! This young piano and keyboard phenomena mixes Jazz, Pop, and strong Brazilian influences to prove my case. Avi brings his own talent and quirkiness with a reminder of Ben Folds, Bruce Hornsby, and Jamie Cullum.

Ken Shankman - Elmore Magazine

"This Philly native brings all 88 keys with the funky flare of Latin Jazz, bossa nova and pop, culminating in fun, catchy tunes that will keep your fingers tapping. Check out: 'Something New,' a quirky piano-driven ditty that mixes lyrics and chords from popular songs by the Beatles, Chicago, Sade and Jobim, into its own contemporary jam."

“Avi Wisnia and his band bring a clever twist to jazz-flavored bossa nova. With piano chops that recall Bruce Hornsby and a voice that is reminiscent of the folk singer David Wilcox, Wisnia offers up seven tracks of witty and introspective songs”

“one of New York City’s A-List musicians”

“Gloriously summery jazz-soul fusion, awash with shiny pianos and smooth vocals – a little like an acoustic Maroon 5, but with more Bossa Nova, more attitude, and more talent in his little finger.”

“Like a cross between Dr. John, Professor Longhair, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, and early Billy Joel. He sings with a smoothly smoky voice that recalls Elvis Costello and Joe Pernice both in sound and delivery. A nice change of pace.”

“Think acoustic Americana mixed with Brazilian bossa nova. Drink a caipirinha, and enjoy the sounds that originated in warmer climates.”

“Clever songs, interesting vocals, hooky melodies!”