The Aviators / Press

"The Festival Stage opened the day with Cathouse Battle of The Bands winner and babies of the bunch, The Aviators. The most memorable antic of the set being the pelvic thrust drum kick pedal belt so skillfully played by the lead singer – a definite crowd favorite among the ladies. A band with great songs and hopefully a great future as they didn’t win the Battle of The Bands for nothing."

“The Aviators’ AC/DC-inspired, Gibson Les Paul-fueled high-energy vintage rock was by all means an ideal opening act for this show.”

“Bakersfield hard rock quintet The Aviators started proceedings at 8:45 with a righteous 30-minute set. After impressing tremendously with their performance when opening for the Moby Dicks here last January, The Aviators returned to the scene of the crime, this time in front of a sizable audience as a result of the early sellout and the enormity of the occasion as far as the headline act’s appearance was concerned. They reveled in front of this appreciative crowd which gave them a positive response and even participated on vocalist August Young’s cue. The Aviators clearly showed that they can handle a big stage and a big crowd, and they undoubtedly gained some new fans here. They also proved that even though the whole ‘pay-to-play’ or ticket pre-sale thing that local openers have to do to get on the bill for such shows has all sorts of negative connotations, bands can gain from it if they pick the right shows to do it for.”

“The Aviators from Bakersfield, CA, took the stage and played a highly impressive 35-minute set of pristine rock n’ roll.They created a vibe akin to the 70s era of rock with a nod to classic AC/DC, and with both guitarists delivering crisp tones through their Gibson Les Pauls and the vocalist carrying boundless energy in his singing and stage moves, this band clearly showed that they’re graduates from the old school of rock n’ roll, and they managed to please the purists in this sparse crowd, certainly winning some new fans in the process. (Their set) gave this audience a great representation of what this band is all about. With this level of performance, they deserved to play to a packed house...all attendees who did see The Aviators would be grateful to them for making the long drive from Bakersfield and playing a thoroughly enjoyable set,and true rock n’ roll fans in the Los Angeles area would definitely not do themselves any harm by catching The Aviators whenever they come t”

“Recorded and produced at Backyard Studios in Lamont and Rocketship Recordings in Bakersfield, "Gotta Have 'Em to Grab 'Em," should help the Aviators expand the reach of their fan base, although they haven't done too bad at keeping their live schedule at a minimum of six to 10 shows a month. From Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go, to Camp Nelson high up in Sequoia National Forest, to San Luis Obispo, plus every sleepy farming town through the Central Valley, there's little the Aviators will say no to, even under the most exhausted of circumstances.”

"Opening with the very Zeppelin-ish “Gong Song,” you’ll know where this trip is going. The third track, “Downtown Betty,” is written in classic AC/DC style complete with straight-ahead tempo, suggestive lyrics, and “All night long,” chorus. It also comes with plenty of cowbell, so all you fans of SNL’s “Bruce Dickinson” "