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As the first decade of the 21st century wound to a close, the Gods of Rock stirred in their fitful slumber. Long had they lain dormant since their epic creations of the 1960s and 1970s, and their decadent saccharine confections of the 1980s. Having roused themselves briefly for a hungover bout of musical catharsis in Seattle in the 1990s, the Gods of Rock decided to try something different at the turn of the century, and with much fire and cacophony birthed Tenacious D. Pleased, but still weary, they rested again. But as the years went by, their dreams grew restless – another great creation was required to sate their desire for entertainment. And this time, it would be a band that could draw on all that came before, synthesizing musical genres, comedy, and showmanship into an incisive synchronized musical psychotherapy instrument for all humanity. Thus were brought forth from the primeval clay of the earth (or from their engineering, sales management, and civil service careers, which feels like basically the same thing) Dr. E. Lectrode, Dr. G. Spot, Dr. H. Bomb, and Dr. B. I. Gee to become “Aversion Therapy”. Having honed their skills with the Four GoatBoys of the Apocalypse, RedShift, Good Question and Sweet Polly, the four formed the greatest SuperGroup since Asia. Or at least since Chickenfoot.

Cobbling together a set list of cover tunes whose unifying trait was that each one would be sure to embarrass any self-respecting cover band, and beginning to write tunes of their own, Aversion Therapy began marketing their particular medicine to the public in the summer of 2009. Since then, they have consistently left audiences asking themselves, “Did I really just hear that?”

So don’t fear the Lab Coat. The next time you have a chance, get some Aversion Therapy – The treatment four out of five Mad Scientists recommend.

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Band Members
Evan Humphreys - Bass, Henry King - Guitar, Denis Phares - Guitar, Dave Thurber - Drums, John Mendicino - Guitar, The Whole Band - Vocals
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Aversion Therapy
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Comedy / Rock / Punk/Metal/Country/Singer-Songwriter/Disco/ThemeSo

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Reno, NV

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