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“AVEDIS doesn’t spread themselves so thin that there is an identity crisis either… they just flat-out can write and play some memorable songs. Bound Together is a soothing acoustic and keenly orchestrated song that carries with it some mid to late 70′s elegance in it’s vibe. The vocals of Corey Nietupski gives Bound Together it’s strong Alternative relevance, therefore, this becomes a listen that fuses together a Rock feel of yesteryear with the ever present day. Mer de Mesonges glides along on a steady path to Alternative Hard Rockin’ bliss. Melodic guitar and an up-tempo pace gives this song it’s strong character. Corey’s vocals just come across so damn natural too that I’m freakin’ jealous. Throw in some very cool backing vocals that revive my very fond memories of The Alarm and this song spells out: winner. The overall Modern appeal that seeps from this EP is what should drive AVEDIS to the top… or pretty darn close to the top.”

“From the very first listening and especially from the opening track, "Bound Together", I'm impressed!! This is an excellent tune! It's a sensational mid-tempo/ballad filled with Corey Nietupski's 'tender' voice. It's a kinda of dark song with only an acoustic guitar but the final result is simply amazing in my ears. "Mega Ditz" has an alternative sound, louder guitars and more attitude. A nice track! "Mer De Mesonges" is another brilliant tune from this EP. It's a darker rocker with a memorable hook and chorus line and again a more aggressive guitar sound! "Walk Alone" is the track which closes this release. Maybe the weakest track here. Too modern for me with an 'industrial' sound and some low-tuned guitars that didn't work for me. All in all, this is a very interesting release. From all the four tracks of this EP, the "Mer De Mesonges" and "Bound Together", are both excellent tunes from a very prommising band. Well done!!”

“They already played in several renowned rock venues such as The Brat Stop (Kenosha, WI), The Frequency (Madison, WI) and Milwaukee’s annual Summerfest. Influenced by the bands like Chevelle, Sevendust and The Deftones, Avedis nicely blends heavy rhythms with melodic leads and offers solid, ear friendly sound. Their newest EP “Red Sea” was released back in January and is set of four audibly unique tracks from acoustic “Bound Together” to groovy “Walk Alone”. According to vocalist/guitarist Corey Nietupski “It’s a concept album album that uses the color red to depict the different emotions one can feel when being in a relationship or in love”. The band is currently writing new sons for a new album that will be released next year. They will be also touring the Midwest and play most likely in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, St.Lous and Chicago. Check them out!”

“Rating: 5 stars! Interesting how the bio for this Milwaukee based band suggest checking out track 1 or 4 as the "best" songs on this record....guess what though? track 2 & 3 are the KICK ASS rockers & "Mega Ditz" has a mildly reminiscent Stone Temple Pilots vibe & just plain rocks your face off while "Walk Alone" is a fast paced rocker with modern elements & simple riffage. The theme of this record is that all 4 songs represent how the color red can be present in life. The record closes with "Bound Together" which is a slow & mellow track...the best song on this record is "Walk Alone" as far as overall rock performance goes & the band does a good job at giving the listener 4 very different tracks on this EP which represent the bands style, flavor & appeal.”

“Formed in 2007, Avedis, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based trio of Corey Nietupski (vocals, guitar), Josh Lisiecki (vocals, bass) and Chris Lehman (drums, percussion) has garnered a regional following across the Midwest after the release of their debut album, Total Control and a series of regional tours. With each track of this EP clocking in at around the 3 minute mark or so, the entire EP rushes by in about 15 minutes or so and culls from post-punk and hard rock influences such as the Deftones, Chevelle, Sevendust AFI and One by One-era Foo Fighters. So what you have is this: the guitars crunch, churn and buzz with the best of hard rock power chords while the overall material is radio friendly. The songs convey what may very well be the same high energy of their live shows. Take comfort in the fact that “Mega Ditz,” and “Walk Alone,” the two best songs on the album, in my opinion, kick ass and are probably two of the hardest songs I’ve heard so far this year.”

“Corey Nietupski, vocalist and guitarist of the hard rock band Avedis, recently took a moment to chat about his band and their newest release, Red Sea. Avedis is a breath of fresh air in a rock scene that is increasingly overrun with cookie cutter, dime a dozen bands that write generic, formulaic tunes. Red Sea is a solid high-energy rock EP that is a rather enjoyable listen. Here's what Nietupski had to say. How does it make you feel when the emotion and power that you envisioned in the recording studio, come to life while playing in front of a crowd? Corey: The energy of the crowd inspires us to perform at our full ability and to express all the emotions that the song was originally based upon.”

“Avedis released their new EP Red Sea. There is something happening in the first seconds. You wonder why you have never heard this band before. Already, their name, original, creative then their music. They have their place in radio playlists without no problem . I see their name in the future because their EP really deserves a listen. Both cohesive and diverse, their tune is the excellence in new alternative rock music inspired by Chevelle, The Deftones and Sevendust. You feel their passion in their music. The 4 songs are enjoyable tracks. From crunchy guitars in Mer De Mesonges to bouncing beats in Walk Alone, the riffs are interesting and creative. The band offers us a fresh modern alternative rock tune. A little heartbeat for Bound Together , a must that features some beautiful acoustic guitar and great arrangements. I love the violin part. The melody is sublime. You have an upcoming hit between your hands, the guys. Definately!”

“Milwaukee hard rock trio Avedis bring the thunder with their latest EP Red Sea. Powering through anthems of relationships and personal growth—with a common theme of red throughout each track— the band rumbles with the same crunch as Sevendust, Chevelle and Seether. Consisting of drummer Chris Lehman, bassist Josh Lisiecki and singer/guitarist Corey Nietupski; the band’s sound possesses the right amount of hard rock hammering and alternative tenderness to create a full circle sonic attack that everyone can appreciate. It certainly helps that the combined vocal work of Nietupski and Lisiecki provide an almost vulnerable quality that will make the ladies swoon. Although the band doesn’t cover any new audio territory with Red Sea, the EP is still solid. From the emotionally charged “Mer de Mesonges,” to the snarky titled rocker “MEGA DITZ,” the crunchy “Walk Alone” and the acoustically driven “Bound Together” Red Sea is a complete, tasty four course meal.”