“Musicista di origine siciliana, ma dalla natura aliena stando alle sue stesse parole, VON LMO ben rappresenta lo spirito che unisce rock’n'roll e sperimentazione in un linguaggio trascinante e – a costo di suonare banali – “avanti” sui tempi: così avanti che anche il lavoro del 2012 suona… alieno… alle nostre orecchie.”

"Album of the Month - The music of VON LMO and Otto von Ruggins – aka Avant Duel – is unlike any other. Otto tells MTM the story of Beyond Human…"

“A world of Flesh and Machine beyond anything you may ever have heard. Lyrics both sung and spoken with a dramatic flare, synthesizers that pulsate propelled by high speed electric guitars and big room rock drums – an explosion of sound beyond the normal path presented with an intensity and purpose that will ignite your musical flame.”

“NEW YORK NO WAVE: AVANT DUEL’S RETURN ENGAGEMENT FROM A PARALLEL UNIVERSE Otto von Ruggins (keyboard player for the amazing mid-70s occult punk group Kongress who shared a TV stint with Ron Paul on the Downey Show in the late '80s) and intergalactic No Wave druid Von LMO (also in Kongress, and considered a genius by no less an authority than Julian Cope) have returned as Avant Duel. They just played at the Max’s Kansas City Reunion @ The Bowery Electric where Von LMO chopped into his guitar with a meat cleaver and kept on playing.”

"BEYOND HUMAN platter's one of the meanest, most soul-searing releases to have been heard in a long time...These guys use electronics the same way William Burroughs used language. Disque closer 'Beyond Human' sounds like Burundi drums and guitar strangulations backing LMO's chanting in an attempt to raise Jimi from the grave!"

"The sound God of Max's, VON LMO, together with Otto von Ruggins, caused extreme turbulence, sight and sound, as AVANT DUEL, a sonic onslaught worthy of the legendary performances from decades past."

“A rowdy bottle smashing night…earlier in the evening there had been an altercation with a satanic occult band ... that played music that sounded like a Concorde drone with Aleister Crowley lyrics. They abandoned the stage only after threats of violence were unfurled like vampirish cape flourishes.”

James Wolcott - The Village Voice

"Soundtrack for a Screamie...a breathless half-hour that stops time dead in its tracks...the most bizarre blend of media ever to darken the annals of rock’n’roll."

"...the most dangerous band in the world..."

"...transgressively transcendent stuff."

"...a progressive band in the same Teutonic fashion that came off like late-sixties American punk rock meets Stockhausen!...the group...consisted of only Lmo and Otto von Ruggins creating a terrifying wail while opening for Television at CBGB in '74..."

"The ultimate Punk Rock entertainer, VON LMO turns Heavy Metal into sawdust using a chainsaw to grind it up until it comes out spinning with the Devil riding bareback."

Village Voice

"Radical revolutionary music at extreme high volume and intensity representing tomorrow's generation."

NY Post

"VON LMO is a New York institution."

NY Daily News

"The ultimate rock band."