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"War, rest, more war, chaos and eventually, peace; in one song, Aux 78, the solo project of local musician Nicholas Matta, proves that music can speak volumes without saying a word." ..."Also noteworthy is "Guns That Smoke," which takes a needed somber turn. It is a soft, melancholy tune which opens with the sounds of machines grinding against one another but shortly thereafter gives way to a simple four-beat drone as heavy as it is beautiful. It is also a great example of Matta's ability to infuse his music with emotion; if you were ducking cannonballs earlier, you are now picking up the pieces of your home in the aftermath of a hurricane. "

Everett Saucedo - El Paso Times . com

“...Nick’s artistic trajectory is not clear cut. Each individual album is an exploration of something different, all of them contain what seems to be an eerie aspect of Nick’s personality, deep, wide open and unafraid, while intrinsically connected to this mysterious aura the guy carries around, this wickedness and gentility of his soul. After several conversations with Nick, and several times of checking out the websites, seeing how prolific he was, (http://aux78.bandcamp.com) watching him perform, I wanted to attempt to understand and share the struggle of this single artist in El Paso, someone working off of his musical ‘hallucinations,’ (as he phrases it) for fifteen years, between jobs, scrambling for money, yet never failing to create, to construct his bizarre and inspired musical sculptures in what he calls his “concrete carton of sound.” In other words: his studio.”