Automatic Planet / Press

"Automatic Planet grind out some of the most bitchifyin post-punk alt currently found on the west coast. 6 tracks, on thier myspace, all with personalities as mesmerizing & sick as ted bundy or lindsay lohan. Check out "Deadbeat", which had me slam-dancing in the basement with the furnace! "Second Nature" alternately hooks you with a wall of subtle verse, deluge of radio-friendly chorus "On my knees for a second time". NOTE: the guitar solo 3/4 into this track will have you swearing that you are hearing Warner Hodges (Jason & The Scorchers)...which is a fuckin eh moment, man!! The band finds the clutch & fucking redlines with "Thousand & A Half" which borrows respectfully from vibage in the school of So-cal punk's Pennywise & even New York's up & coming golden boys, Spoiler NYC. All told?...I can't get "Deadbeat" out of my skull!!! it's that fucking good! A house full of Much Music-jaded teens agree & even bookmarked the bands page, forwarding it to pals.

Doug Mattson