Auto Defiance / Press

“There are much evocation in their music, something perfect to let go and lose yourself among those warm striking chords of their guitars. A truly powerful, melancholic sound.”

".. to cross new borders and explore new frontiers by mixing vintage film clips with their carefully calculated, atmospheric pop-rock during their live shows and beyond. And it appears they are succeeding."

"Driven by an excellent guitar sound, this track will delight your ears. The bass and drums sound amazing resembling a starry night. The singer’s voice is drench in passion. The structure is well put. The chorus is enchanting and very catchy....."

"Today on Balcony TV Nashville...a band with a very full sound...AUTO DEFIANCE..."

"Auto Defiance combines everything we love about the 90′s with their own extraordinary flare. At first the guitars and drums hook you and then Boyer’s voice and lyrics reel you in. Have a listen, I insist."

"Auto Defiance have a sound that is unique and unlike any I've heard before."

"I have checked out the music and I have to say that it is of rare quality. I find this perticular genre so hard to get right but Auto Defiance have nailed it!!!"

Rob Bailey, Program Director - Pulse Rated Radio UK

“What do you get when you combine guitars, great songwriting, Nashville, indie sentiment, and a bit of ambiance? Auto Defiance. Never have we heard such energetic music with such a chilled timbre. Everything that this band produces sounds like sonic gold. This is a band with a great foundation, and the mix of sounds and lush textures does not disappoint the ears. ”

“You can always rely on Auto Defiance to come up with interesting videos for their amazing tunes. Bottom line they just keep getting better.”

"From East Nashville's art deco district, the melodic rock quintet sounds more post-Velvet Underground, more post-Guided by Voices, more post-Collective Soul than, say, The Band Perry. Or whatever."

"Checked out the debut single and it's awesome! You can definitely hear the influence of the Cure. It takes me back to those Breakfast Club days. It's definitely worth your ears, so check out their myspace page, you won't be disappointed!"

“Tight alternative band with great lyrics and a lush, ethereal rock sound.”

"Describing the sound as Indie Rock meets Post Punk (which they do) vastly undersells this band. What I like about them is the rich sonic textures that grace their songs."