Austin Allsup / Press

“If you are looking for the another side of Austin? This is it! This guy/ band just keeps cranking out great music. I couldn’t wait for the next track, 12 times! I hope the rest of the industry sees what these guys are doing, again. The live show has been great for a long time and now new tunes to show off. I can’t wait to see these in a live show. I don’t really know how to classify Austin’s sound. It is just really good. I wish he would put out a new album once a month. There is no “sinking” with a sound like this. Austin’s vocals are smooth. The band is in a great groove. The songs are solid. Marty Travis General Manager - 16yr. Billy Bob's Texas”

Marty Travis - Billy Bob's Texas

“10/28/11 Austin Allsup is offering his third album “Sink or Swim”. This project was completed with singing, songwriting producer extraordinaire and Red Dirt giant Mike McClure. “Sink or Swim” is being released independently and our first taste of the new album is the debut single “Some Days”, The words that come to mind when listening to the single “Some Days”are soulful, heartfelt and inspiring. Austin’s power vocals supported by first class players provides an uplifting approach to tough times. No matter where you are in life, you can’t help but feel better after singing along to this tune. It truly replenishes the soul and isn’t that what music is really about? “Sink or Swim” is 11 tracks of great music that embodies Country, Rock, Blues and an original vibe that can’t be described with mere words. This is a great album and proves that independent, self- penned music is where it is! Kevin McCoy Program Director 95.9 The Ranch Fort Worth Texas”

Kevin McCoy - 95.9 The Ranch Fort Worth Texas