Aurora Jazz Project / Press

““The focus of Aurora has always been to pay due homage to the roots of jazz, but to take it in a new direction,” said Tasker. “We try to make it relevant to today. Jazz gets into trouble when it becomes a museum piece. It never was before. It was rebel music. If you want Glenn Miller, you might want to try a different band than us.” Whether it’s cool, traditional swingin’ jazz or their more adventurous, progressive music, Aurora Jazz Project runs the gamut of influences. They’re more akin to groups such as Soulive, Medeski Martin & Wood and the Bad Plus, and when the band lets loose and starts experimenting, anything goes. “We do a song called ‘Afro Blue,’ which is a jazz waltz. It’s not one of the more famous ones,” said Tasker. “Anyway, leading into it we do the intro from the Allman Brothers Band’s ‘Whipping Post.’ It fits like a glove. How many other jazz bands do that? I think the Allman Brothers are some of the baddest cats to ever play."”

Emily Burnham - Bangor Daily News