“Jon Mack has an undeniably lovely voice and on many songs, she simply carries the listener from end to end with the power and intensity of her lyrics. The care and precision taken with their music videos is definitely something to be enjoyed.”

“Ready to take a break from all the E3 news that's been filling up our pages and relax with some new music? Then check out this post-apocalyptic music video for "Shadow," a song off Bleeding Edge, the sophomore album from horror actress Jon Mack's prog rock band Auradrone. Mack (Mandrake, Saw VI, Spiders 3D) has teamed up with Robert LaSardo (The Professional, "Nip/Tuck") and Brian Krause (Camel Spiders, TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2, "Charmed") for this dystopian video about a struggle between alien hybrids and humans. It was written and directed by Dan Zacharias and produced by Zacharias and Mack. Embrace your shadow. Transcend mediocrity. ”

““[Auradrone’s Shadow video] tells an interesting story and I recommend you checking it out.” “The video has a really nice atmosphere and impact on the viewer, mixing some of the concerns for our future with some Big Brother.””

Geno McGahee - Scared Stiff Reviews

"Its music you can dance to, music you can rock to and music you can lie back and head to which ever fantasy land they want to take you to."

“Auradrone’s new album, Bleeding Edge, has a darker sounding edge than their first album. The title fits their sound–being ahead of the curve, that is. Auradrone consists of Jon Mack, lead singer, guitar, electronics; Fred Traverso and Christopher Fudurich, electronics. Their sound is very reminiscent of Mew, Muse, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and the list goes on”

“Electro-rock band Auradrone has been in the music scene for a few years. Their debut album, Whitelite Britelite, was released in 2009 and ever since then, Auradrone has been growing in popularity. Later this year, their sophomore album, Bleeding Edge, will be released. Jon Mack, lead singer of Auradrone, took time from her busy schedule to grant R&RR an interview.”

“Techno rock is the name of the game here and Jon uses more than enough convincing live players to keep this moving in a fresh direction. Her arabesque vocal tone and dynamic composition power are stellar in a genre that usually sacrifices quality for content.”

“I've said this about a couple of artists and it deserves to be said for Jon Mack: if her music doesn't do it for you, someone needs to check you for a pulse.”

“It seems that electro-rock newcomers Auradrone have hit the sweet spot in an industry obsessed with electronic integration”

“Imagine if the members of The Cure decided to replace lead singer Robert Smith with a sexy female vocalist. If you can't, then perhaps listening to "Whitelite Britelite" by Auradrone will help you see the big picture.”