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Aunt Ange / Press

“This five-piece combo, 2004 brainchild of richly imaginative frontman, Patrick O’Brien, and guitarist Jack Kearney—whose association dates back a decade earlier—falls into the art-rock category. Dark and trippy—heavy on concepts of mystery and mortality—Aunt Ange draws on themes that tap into a childlike vision of Grimm fairy tales, set to rock, with elements of early twentieth century musical idiom, and accented with occasional rusty-sounding saxophone riffs. The lyrics are cheerfully creepy. The rhythms are mainly syncopated, a device that adds an antiquated feel and that is identified nowadays as “steampunk.” In one song, “Pumpkins and Patches,” the rhythm suggests an anxious heartbeat. Every song seemed to flow on a hypnotic, captivating, almost irresistible cadence. Vocalist O’Brien churns out hallucinatory fairy tales of delirium and spook-house visions, often in an effective, theatrical whisper.”

"Their sound is super unique and very moving. Influenced by bands such Radiohead and Elliot Smith, you can really feel the music in your bones and your soul when these guys play; not to mention the feel-good- feeling you feel from just being in their presence!"

“Aunt Ange can procure him some great pleasure.”

Leigh Jerman - Village Voice

“(Best Albums/ Songs of 2013) "...They are all exceptional songs, well played, well orchestrated, amazing lyrically, and although many are hook laden, they resonate with beauty, bone-chilling passion, and real soul. How rare is that in today's musical landscape?"”

“Olga Walks Away made it onto "...The 102 Best Albums of 2013"”

“Olga Walks Away is rich with variety and dripping with both emotion and suspense. I highly recommend treating this album as an event, rather than using it as background music for your shift at the office. Listen to this album when you are truly in the mood to listen. Brew your favorite cup of tea or burn some incense as you close your eyes and do nothing more than listen.”

“He was followed by an extraordinary, Brooklyn-based quintet called Aunt Ange that was just a shade Goth with bombastic, minor key rock pieces, some deranged honky-tonk as well as a creepy waltz, as if they were doing to music what Tim Burton does to cinema.”

“Whether you're seeking out something purely for entertainment or really want to focus on instrumentation and the communication side of music, you can't lose here. Often when I think of the term “more than music” I assume politics or social issues are in the picture. Fortunately, Aunt Ange just works from an art-influenced angle that is difficult to not appreciate.”

“If you’re craving escapism through your usual fiction novel or fantasy film, look no further than Aunt Ange for an opportunity to satisfy that urge through music. Since its original two members released Fliptop Circus in 2002. Aunt Ange has been a band known for their concept album. The addition of a bassist and two multi-instrumentalists, Aunt Ange has been able to create unique performances with a cinematic approach that lures in the listener on a deeper level than most artists. Perhaps your decision on how to begin listening to the latest Aunt Ange album can be determined by whether you’d rather watch a music video or listen to music and create your own visuals in your imagination. Aunt Ange offers a vivid and enticing storyline for Olga Walks Away (available for FREE streaming!); however, you may choose to listen to the album once through before reading the following description”

“The Lucid Culture blog describes it as : ''it’s a creepy masterpiece of current-day psychedelic rock. Incorporating elements of art-rock, gypsy punk and noir cabaret, Brooklyn band Aunt Ange’s new album Olga Walks Away is trippy, and strange, and memorably tuneful.'' You can decide for your self during the NBTMusicRadio's two Midnight Madness Shows Midnight Berlin time (6 PM New York) and also at Midnight New York Time http://nbtmusicradio.playtheradio.com/”

“Aunt Ange on the Radio Show "E.V.'s Underground" CKCU 93.1 F.M.!!! Follow the link to hear the songs they played!”

"....Get into this tale ASAP – it’s a record you’ll play several times over, completely through. If you’re here on the east coast, check out https://www.facebook.com/auntangemusic for a list of show dates and catch Aunt Ange live. But right now, start your new year off right by getting into so much more in the XXQ’s below. XXQs: Aunt Ange (Answered by frontman Patrick O’Brien)...."

“A lush version of experimental and art influenced psyche-rock, Aunt Ange take a very unique approach here, often sounding haunting in a cinematic way. Heavy on the reverb and keys, there’s an endless supply of atypical instruments used on this highly meticulous disc that took nearly 2 years to make. If Thom Yorke and Tim Burton started a band, it might sound like this. Not merely music, this is a serious production from a wealth of talent. Great packaging with the physical CD – more like a book than the standard jewel case.”

“For any fan of Perfume Genius, here's Aunt Ange. There's an acute sense of dread following every twist and turn through new record 'Olga Walks Away.' Essentially a document on loneliness seen through the eyes of Olga's pain. From the lush violins, accordions and toy pianos of opener 'Black Funeral Dress,' to the stomping march of 'Velvet Sidewalks,' Aunt Ange takes you from the funeral to parade grounds from deep within the psyche of their absorbing subject.”

“Art comes to life in the work of childhood friends Patrick O’Brien and Jack Kearney in Aunt Ange. Their blend of art, storytelling and music is what makes their style unique. After adding bassist Adam Kushner and saxophonist Austin Reese in later years, they expanded their musical horizons. Mixing rock and the arts is what made music listeners take notice. In support of their latest release, Olga Walks Away, you can see Aunt Ange’s representation of the human mind on the road at Sullivan Hall, in New York, on Sept. 28.”

“New York Music Daily has ranked Olga Walks Away at 29 for the 50 Best Albums of the 2011. ”

"...it’s a creepy masterpiece of current-day psychedelic rock. Incorporating elements of art-rock, gypsy punk and noir cabaret, Brooklyn band Aunt Ange’s new album Olga Walks Away is trippy, and strange, and memorably tuneful. It seems to be a chronicle of an acid trip, but it might be something else entirely: there’s obviously a lot of symbolism in the lyrics. Sometimes these are sharp and literate; other times they seem to be going for a more stereotypical mid-60s surrealism. Likewise, the music draws heavily on 60s psychedelia, with layers of reverb guitar, melodic basslines, sweeping keyboards, but also accordion, occasional horns, and a carnivalesque feel that at its most frenetic brings to mind World Inferno or Botanica..."

“Indie Rock Cafe has included "To the Sun and Die" in their The Last Blast of Indie Summer Songs mix.”

“Aunt Ange carry the "independent" label in the truest sense of the word: a carefully constructed, unique collective intent on crafting music with texture: layer upon layer of instrumentation and voice that remain distinct despite contributing to a singular vision...Olga Walks Away is awash in diverse instrumentation and rich harmonies, an eclectic folk collection from the other side of a dream.”

“If you’re a casual music fan not looking to put too much thought into an album, “Olga Walks Away” might not be right for you. However, if you are looking for a more cerebral listening experience where you will discover something new with each listen, give this record a spin.”

“New York gypsy folk act Aunt Ange are currently giving away the track "Circles" from their upcoming 3rd album "Olga Walks Away" in exchange for signing up for their mailing list. You can sign up via the reverbnation widget here or on myspace. They will also be selling the first single "Crucify" digitally and at all performances starting with their July 29th show at the Charleston in Williamburg with Ellis Ashbrook and Survivalsuit. In case you haven't heard of Aunt Ange yet, here is a music video for the track "Raining Ashes" form their previous album Apathia.”