Augustus / Press

“Boulder’s Augustus has dropped what we’d consider to be Colorado’s strongest psych-rock/mashup album of 2015.”

“..the band appears bent on pushing listeners toward [..] something with sweat and bones and teeth, toward something ten miles down the road you never saw coming.”

"It's actually pretty ridiculous that Into Frames is only Augustus' second release, and it's just absurd that the majority of the album was tracked live with minor overdubbing. The record sounds much more like something released by a group that's been making music for a decade or more, not a mere two years, as is the case here."

“Sometimes I get lost when searching for the Boulder sound. The positive of that is there’s plenty of variety in the Republic. The downside is that bands struggle to stand out. When I imagine what a pillar of the Boulder music scene might sound like, it should echo into the night sky. It should feel human. It should not shy from gravitas or joy. Lyrics are sung honestly, without affect. Someone’s truth, accessible to all. I have found this in Augustus.”

““The music scene in Boulder is ready for more bands like Augustus who are determined to grow and cultivate the local music community. Although these artists are ridiculously talented, it is their relentless passion that will bring thing them happiness and success.””

"Boulder acoustic trio Augustus has only been together one year, but their debut EP The Common Collapse sounds as if they're pulling decades of history around with them - and in many regards they are. The five-song EP seems to build on a patch-work quilt of styles and influences from the great songbook of Americana. Bluegrass, folk, jazz, and blues are all tightly stitched together side-by-side with incredible synergy. "

"...may just be the best little-known secret around."

Boulder Weekly

“Augustus took the stage next and splashed us with an awesome foot-stomping, banjo-bumping performance. These dudes brought some serious originality to the popular Americana movement, from their catchy kick North to the dark, plucky perfection of Shadows and Tails. But above all, my personal favorite was Spoke of This Before, where frontman Colin Kelly commanded an emotional hum of heavy, raw vocals. It’s woeful reflectiveness created an energized hush.”

"Heavy, raw and bluesy, Augustus sets the sonic backdrop for the dirt and grit of the pioneer days. With refreshing, original material this new band is worth checking out and supporting."

Dechen Hawk - Musician, teacher, booking manager