August Ruins / Press

“In a musical climate, spanning everywhere from Pop to Black Metal, where most bands are totally content with sounding exactly like their peers, August Ruins seemingly doesn't seem to be at all content with that. Nobody ever said mixing punk, hardcore and hints of metal was going to easy, but somehow, by someway, August Ruins have managed to fuse all three into something, and that something is actually good! Where there are select bands who try to outshine each other as being as 'left field' as possible, August Ruins doesn't have to force anything. They're different just by being themselves and playing the music that they themselves love, and while punk has sort of been hiding for the past few years, it could just be them who ressurect it back into it's prominence.”

“Sometimes, though rarely, a funny thing happends when a group of individuals get together to create music... they create raw, original, really good freakin' music. Every so often it's all planned out, and yet other times the stars align and fate has its way with the universe. For August Ruins, a punk/rock band out of the Steel City armed with the talent to make it big, fate is only the beginning. ”

““We go out and find the artists rather than just letting them come to us,” Bohn said. “August Ruins had that sound that we couldn’t really ignore. They’re bringing back catchy punk-metal that can be played on the radio.” “It’s more like a mutual understanding,” Bohn said when describing the relationship between the company and the band. “We don’t interfere with their direction, and they understand they need to work hard ... And their hard work is paying off. They were a featured artist and were on a Billboard chart for a while.” ”

"You guys got a brand new, fresh sound and attitude. A lot post-metalcore meets post-rock, amongst the likes of The Used and AFI. Sounds good either way, and the choruses really have the stuff to pick an audience and make 'em sing it out loud. Nothing more to say - just blast it all the way through and raise the power-catchy voice you guys have!"

"You guys F*#@ing rock!! Shots are on me." "When is your next show, Ill be there?" "We came to see August Ruins." "Dude, you guys are awesome...you sound like Thrice meets NOFX." "How did you learn how to do that?"

Our driving force....our fanbase. - Getting love from the fans.