August and After / Press

“'As a debut, this album is wonderfully crafted with a fantastic ear for detail...the flourishes are the foundation; the aesthetic is the substance'”

“At the Galway there was an interesting British duo on a visit to France. Both musicians played guitar pretty well and had nice singing voices. That’s pretty rare in young groups starting out these days, in my experience. So I’m putting up a video of them...There is something a little Simon & Garfunkel about them.”

"August and After display lovely tones and nice gentle and intricate acoustic guitar melodies. There are definitely strong folk routes to the songs, both through the instrumentation and also the lyrical content. The harmonies give it that extra depth that transforms it from just being a singer-songwriter type of vibe, with beautiful strings and piano"

Greg Snowden, Universal

"The first track we heard by them was called The Orchard, and there was a wonderful synergy between how we felt their band name conjured up images of a fading summer and the delicate, melancholy sound of the music. Their songs have a literary quality that bears repeat listens"

"August and After are a rare duo, combining resonant voices with a guitar flair that makes for a truly unique and beautiful listening experience"

Chris Berrow, Radio 1

"Their songs are cleverly crafted with intricate guitar chords, thoughtful lyrics and supreme vocals which are enhanced by some expert harmonies."

"soulfully lyrical, incorporating gorgeous guitar interactions…Definitely a band to watch as they are set for big things with their debut album"

"From the opening track ‘Halley’, Embers carries the listener through an acoustic landscape filled with poetic lyricism, gradually paced, light melodies and beautifully harmonised vocals...The beauty of Embers lies in its firm foundation but classically referenced arrangements with brass, piano and cello: simple but with loads of depth."

"August and After are that rare and special thing - a stop-what-you're-doing, sit-down-and-listen-to-this band. Melodies gently weaving into each other, warm and wistful tones and beautiful harmonies. Set Sail is arrestingly beautiful, and THAT violin riff in Sail Around The Rings Of Saturn will have you booking your tickets for the first voyage. Live in concert, the band really come into their own - stunning, watertight virtuosity and unexpected re-versions of unlikely hits make theirs a must-see performance"

Ben Weisz - CamFM

"...personal reflections and explorations are so welcoming that they create the feeling that not only are you enveloped in the fabric of the songs, feeling every emotion, but there is nowhere else that you would rather be"

“"The Orchard is another great contribution to the new music scene by August and After. A chilling track backed up with brilliant harmonies and instruments. Definitely ones to watch"”

Insanity Radio

“August and After will stop you in your tracks with beautiful vocal arrangements and guitar melodies. I recommend seeing this group ASAP”

David Ruffle, MAMA Group