Audio Insight / Press

“[Audio Insight] has a lot of potential.”

“The guys (in Audio Insight) are very good students of music”

“(Of Audio Insight's 2011 performance at The Stone Pony) That was incredible; the band sounds awesome. I can definitely tell (the band) practices hours a day and its not just muscle memory up there. People will definitely keep their eyes on them”

Ryan Soroka - The Soroka Agency

“In the modern realm of prog rock, bands like Karnivool, Mute Math, and even Coheed and Cambria, have garnered immediate success because of their clear and distinct vision, and goal for their sound. So to is the same with New Jersey's newest three-piece prog act Audio Insight”

“Despite their progressive leanings...the music is easily digestible and radio-friendly. Their progressive rock sounds unexpectedly professional and refined”

“This prog-rock trio sounds fuller than a four or five-piece band. Audio Insight is here to make a statement.”

“Audio Insight has created something truly inspiring with their debut album 'Dimensions'. This progressive rock three-piece will amaze you with a distinct sound that is sure to get them noticed”

Kevin Antreassian - Backroom Studios Owner

“Today's "Song of the Day" is 'Sheepskin' by Audio Insight. Only freshman in college, the trio's countless hours spent teaching themselves how to play, and writing original music, has culminated with the release of their acclaimed debut album 'Dimensions'”

“(Audio Insight) definitely has a great sound and a bright future ahead of them”

Louis Abramson - Jolly

“(Of Audio Insight's winning performance at the 2011 Break Contest Finals) I thought the performance was great. Technically the shredding and bass were good; the drums were awesome”

Brett Romnes - The School of Rock

“Audio Insight majors in a modern form of prog metal that is both heavy and melodic, which is a difficult balance to maintain even for established groups...but they do it”

“I love your guys sound; Someday bands will be playing in contests to play with you”

“Ever since I got their CD, I have been listening to it non-stop. It has refreshing sound, and the fact that it is a three-piece blows my mind”

Brian Schantz - Project Greenroom

“One of the state's favorite new progressive rock power trio's”

“A promising band with a great future...'Dimensions' is a record that you will spin more times than once”

“The trio plays with fire and there's no shutting these guys off; They're doing it right, that's for sure”

George Roskos - Architekt Music

“The members of Audio Insight can really play”

“These guys have so much potential; I have a feeling that Bamboozle is only the beginning”

“It's been a crazy few months for Woodbridge natives Audio Insight, who released their debut album 'Dimensions' in November and have been climbing the ladder of notoriety ever since”

“The music is loud. It is also intricate and complex. The sound belies the relative youth of its creators”