@uDioGa$m / Press

“Deep in the misty forests of Arcata and beyond, a new collection of artists has formed to keep your sonic senses tingling. Meet the Humboldt Bass Crew, a diverse group of music producers hailing from California’s northern tip. The crew recently released their first compilation album, Bass Crusade, and it has definitely had us bobbing our heads and tapping our feet. Established up & comers like Wu Wei and Psy Fi make appearances on the release, as well as fresh faces on the scene like Nafyah, Seatones, and @udioga$m. These are true NorCal denizens and you can feel it in their music; one can almost hear the waves crashing and smell the weed burning as these tunes wash over you.”

“The fascination with deep sounds that can shake the ground is Shane’s domain who also goes with the moniker @uDioGa$m. He is exploiting all possibilities of getting juice out of almost subsonic frequencies with mid-tempo, sometimes distorted hip-hop beats and heavy bass.”

“Humboldt Bay Pirate Radio 88.9 FM, “broadcasted from international waters just off the north coast,” can be heard along the coastal parts of Humboldt, Eureka,Titlow Hill and some parts of Trinidad and Orick. The station plays mostly electronic, hip-hop, vinyl records, and local artists such as punk rock band AM Beers, Creepy Marbles, and electronic artists like AliEn LOuNge, @uDioGa$m, and Schedule 1. Humboldt Bay Pirate Radio broadcasts Sunday nights from 8 p.m. to late at night on 88.9 FM.”