Aubergine MACHINE / Press

"...perhaps this duo’s greatest appeal, their ability to take incredibly youthful sonic textures, and pair them with a mature and authentic energy."

"...showcases a scorching dystopian wasteland of genre-blending production, comprised of a mash up of future bass... a sound that defies mainstream... "

"...very catchy, with Ian Carey showing some of his ’90s hip-hop production love in the stuttering vocal sample and restrained rhythmic push. Ellis’ vocals are spot-on as usual, the “bang, bang” hook serving as the track’s core point of contagiousness. Glad to hear that this act is back at it and better than ever."


"Their electronic sound is the very effort that I'd like to keep seeing. It pushes the genre boundaries and is suitable for nearly every listening occasion. They blend in their vast influences into each of their tracks and the result is beautiful."

"These guys are out of this world and exhibit so in their song “Satellite” by producing sounds with a spacey/star-dusty/“Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” feel. "

"incredibly melodic approach to bass music! BIG UPS!!...very euphoric sounds. this is truly amazing! you've earned another follower..."

"...current side-project (with Shanti Ellis) called Aubergine MACHINE (which concentrates on the more darker end of pop/mainstream dubstep and electronic madness), Ian Carey is set to cover all bases with a complete focus to entertain floors and minds alike."