At Wars End / Press

"It’s fair to say Little Rock band At Wars End plays heavy rock. The elements of the genre are all there. It’s aggressive music. The distorted guitar riffs and driving rhythms of hard rock. The massive loudness and sonic assault of heavy metal. Need evidence? Hear the band’s “Harder Faster,” with its growling vocals and brute force power chords. And the equally crushing “Take Off the Mask” showcases the band’s precision drumming and love of a good guitar solo. And the masculine-sounding, slightly evil lyrics: “Some say we’re evil/Some say we eat the young” of “One Way Ticket.” So, heavy rock. Seriously heavy rock. " - Shea Stewart, Sync Weekly (Mar 21, 2012)

"With such a stimulating EP and an explosive live performance, At Wars End will leave you breathless... and needing a smoke afterwards. Be prepared to have your face rocked off?"

Tina Bird - 100.3 The Edge

““Awesome metal intro, the heavy riff on the intro is sick! Reminiscent of Corey Taylor from Stone sour / Slipknot. The massive moshpit of a chorus is epic! I enjoy the short to the point lyrics during the chorus. My favourite part if the song is the bridge to the chorus, in anticipation of what comes next. The breakdown in the middle splits the song and leads into a killer mosh riff. Great track would enjoy success in its genre.” “ The guy singing sounds awesome. He has good transition going from his singing to his screaming. It's a good song to listen to when you are angry. The drums and the bass sound fantastic. The transition in the instruments,going into instrumental solo's sounds great. You can hear and understand what the guy is saying. You can feel the anger he is feeling. You can hear him over the music.” ”

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