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Attica Rage / Press

“Attica Rage have mastered the art of welding big hooks to clenched-fist heaviness.....the distilled greatest hits of rock and metal, bashed out with passion and honesty”

Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer (8/10)

“As it now appears that Lemmy is not an immortal superhuman (just a superhuman); we know who will be there to carry the mantle for no-nonsense British rock’n’roll when Motörhead hang up their umlauts”

“Attica Rage are quite simply a no-nonsense, balls to the wall, powerhouse rock n’ roll band. If I had kids, this is the stuff I would want them growing up on. It’s quintessential metal, it’s biker rock, it’s down the pub Motorhead-banging stuff of today.”

“they provide the perfect soundtrack for the heavy drinking and party atmosphere...Belting out tracks like Killer Carousel and 36 Insane the crowd were lapping it up. ...the guys really know how to put on a great show”

“88MPH is an album that deserves to launch Attica Rage into the wider metal conscience, while still satisfying those of us who have been decades loyal to all things denim and leather”

Fireworks Magazine (88MPH album review)

“Jonny is the perfect front man with powerful vocals and flanked either side by both Stevie on guitar and Colin on bass. Much hair was flying as per usual and finally, we have the ever charismatic Richie the rage machine on the drums, who was in fine posing form! Attica Rage were the official headliners tonight, closing the first day, and they gave the crowd a worthy spectacle to remember.”

“(88MPH) is an open and honest hard rock album with no frills or padding but with a huge heart created by four guys that live, sleep, eat and breath Attica Rage.... Gutsy hard rock at its best. 4.5 / 5”

“There’s something very refreshing about Attica Rage. They just get on and play quality hard rock with no pretensions, no window dressing, just good music.”

Powerplay Magazine

“You’ll like [88MPH] if hooks and melody are your thing, with an added ounce of heaviness to top it off.....A good solid rock record.”

“This is highly polished, milled-leather biker rock...an impressive and consummate album. It will dazzle all those who love classic metal. Attica Rage are really beginning to show that they are true masters of rock. 8/10”

“88MPH is red-blooded, hard n’ heavy rock with a full beard....you’re instantly transported to a riotous biker bar in some deep south dust bowl where the barmaids wear leather chaps and little else and the ghost of Patrick Swayze is on the door...If this was 1990, Attica Rage would be playing your local football stadium next week and providing the soundtrack to the latest Arnie blockbuster. But this is 2013 and bands don’t make REAL hard rock albums anymore, do they? The answer is YES! Attica Rage do! Buy it. Crank your stereo all the way f**king up and enjoy!”

Carl Evans - Sunday Sport (4/5)

“(Road Dog Forever DVD) represents an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with one of the hardest working and most fan friendly bands on the circuit at the moment. A release that gives an intriguing and in-depth view of a band laid bare before the camera, warts and all. Highly recommended.”

“Attica Rage once again prove they still have what it takes to hang with the big boys...a hell of an album that’s on par if not better than Road Dog and is one of my favourite albums of the year.”

“Each track is a classic, not one single filler, just bone crushing motorbike metal with ample amounts of squealing guitar solos and a drum line that bangs harder than a teenage couples headboard.”

“88MPH certainly lives up to it’s title, a full throttle, law breaking, fuel burning, tyre screeching bat out of Hell if ever there was. The Attica Rage sound and ethic has always been one of no compromise, no bullshit, honest Rock N Roll, and although the band continue to develop and evolve in terms of writing and delivery, that core feature remains, which is surely to be applauded in today’s fickle, fad driven market ....one of the years best Hard Rock/Metal albums. A definite ’must have’ in my book.”

“...there's an undeniable passion at play here. It's sheer classic rock worship”

“88MPH smacks of good times, hard-hitting biker rock which will thrill you, amaze you and batter your senses! ....a pretty damn phenomenal piece of work and a progression in the right direction”

"...an impressive album that hits you where it hurts and makes no apologies for it. It doesn't pander to anyone or anything - it's just pure rock n' roll with ambition."

“88MPH is the continuation of a remarkable course and an exceptional, really tight ensemble of ten songs....Good melodies, choruses that you stick with, guitar volume (and production volume); it’s basically a pure metal album without pointing at any of the classic bands of the past.”

“Playing meaty, mighty biker metal with scantily clad dancers breathing fire and blowing sparks, the burly Scotsmen dig out ferocious AC/DC & Motorhead covers to guarantee a euphoric reception, even at 3am”

Metal Hammer (live review, 9/10)

“Topping the bill over on the second stage was Attica Rage with their '88MPH' album launch. Scattering their set with a few well chosen covers was a touch of genius that kept the crowd engaged as they rolled out the new tracks. When the action was finished Attica Rage had managed to please.”

“With killer guitar riffs, catchy tunes and one of the best voices in metal I have heard, Attica Rage deliver one of the best metal releases of the past ten years.”

“If you're beginning to lose faith in UK metal & rock then you need to hear Road Dog. An album that will reignite your fire”

John Damon - Big Cheese magazine

"I love being suprised by an album...Mature songwriting, with the all-important emotion well played. Buy it."

“Slabs of steely Metallica riffage mixed with shrapnel spitting growls jostle against the best Almighty and Motorhead sounds on a biker bar jukebox to make a grinding soundtrack to hearty drinking and brutal brawling”

Bubblegum Slutzine

“Scottish metal crew Attica Rage have almost certainly had some rum, and a delicious lager or three, when they hit the stage and pummel everyone’s ears. Excellent behaviour”

Metal Hammer (Golden Gods 2012 live review)

“a totally faultless stone-cold stunner of a Classic Rock album without one second wasted, played, produced, sung, written and arranged to perfection and rock albums simply don't come better than this”

“Stunning, perfectly raw guitar riffs with sing/scream-along choruses. Bass playing to blow your speakers. Solid Bonhamesque drums. Guitar solos to air-guitar to. Backing vocals so you can sing the ‘twiddly’ bits and a rock voice that stabs you in the heart, but a voice you wished you owned..... Welcome to Attica Rage”

“This is British rock at its best...its your duty as a rock fan to go out and buy it and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.”

David Farrell - PlanetMosh.com (Road Dog album review)

“With a powerful and clear sound, Attica Rage have easily topped their 2008 debut album 'Ruin Nation' and the progression in writing and playing is impressive.”

Phil Ashcroft - Fireworks Magazine (Road Dog album review)

"A fabulous rock album...full of passion and power...A very impressive release with so many different rock styles but all tied together with a distinctive style, well played throughout, standout vocals and excellent production"

“Thunderous students of the old school, they are a massive and immediate hit and, after closing with a raging cover of Motorhead's 'Overkill', they depart with several hundred new fans and a greatly enhanced reputation”

Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer (Hard Rock Hell 3 live review)

“[Road Dog] is as ballsy a Hard Rock release as you’ll hear this year....a great album that will surely project the band to great heights in 2011.”

“Remember how music used to be? Full of crunching, dirty riffs and simple choral chants which you could never fail but join in with. Well, that is exactly what is offered by Attica Rage....I fully expect 'Road Dog' to encourage new fans of classic rock to step forth and raise a glass to these guys”

“With flawless musicianship, powerful guitar riffs and the coolest bass player ever, Attica Rage prove that they are the kings of the Hard Rock genre”

“Attica Rage drew a strong crowd to launch the Metal stage and their no-nonsense approach is well received. Big riffs and strong grooves are churned out and they play with a sense of purpose and fun which is no bad thing”

“They'd drawn a decent size crowd even before they hit stage and managed to pull a bigger crowd in the end than most of the bands who played higher up the bill - a suggestion perhaps that they deserve a higher spot on the bill next time (High Voltage 2011, 4/5)”

“They take the sound of The Almighty and mix it with some Circus of Power and a touch of Corrosion of Conformity. The end result is both powerful and melodic.....This is a great no frills metal album with rough vocals, cool guitar work and hard driving songs.”

Martin Howell - PowerPlay Magazine

"Like their live shows...experience and touring has given a polish and confidence to their material...it’s thoroughly refreshing to listen to Attica Rage and just revel in unpretentious rock and metal that isn’t trying to pander to any particular trend"

"With an album like this plus great live shows, its easy to see how they earned their place on the bill for this years High Voltage festival. ...good old fashioned British rock music played to perfection - go out and buy a copy now!"

“Road Dog is an excellent mix of inventive riffs, great melodies and classy arrangments which looks set to further boost Attica Rage's profile as a force to be reckoned with among metal fans”

Craig Nisbet - Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

“If you like your hooks memorable, drums fast and guitars noisy then Road Dog is 14 tracks of heaven.....a clutch of guaranteed stadium pleasers...Accomplished & impressive, Attica Rage are in serious danger of giving loud biker rock a good name”

Graham Caldwell - Scottish Daily Express [rated 4*]

“It's rare to find a band that are so versatile in the music that they play....there's something in this album that will appeal to absolutely everybody! From the screaming guitar solos full of fast-paced riffs to the haunting, melodic vocals, [Road Dog] is a must for all rock fans”

“Totally blown away on first listen, I've always liked these lads and with this new album they've excelled themselves”

Tom Russell - 96.3 Rock Radio (Road Dog album quote)

“Attica Rage are truly excelling themselves and proceed to put on one hell of a theatrical stage show”

“This is metal for muthas, and they don’t care who knows it, belting out solid, unpretentious tunes”


“Scottish metal warlords Attica Rage open the main stage today and are on magnificent form”

Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer magazine (Hammerfest live review)

“Scottish heavies Attica Rage tonight prove they’re a force to be reckoned with...Seemingly becoming superior with each passing year, we are left contemplating where next for these prominent metal aficionados?”

AltSounds.com (HRH IV live review, 8/10)

“they play a brand-new song - and everyone is blown away. It's a giant of a track with powerful bluesy riffing and angry metal spikes.”

“Attica Rage are a power driven tour-de-force... ‘dark city’ is a heavy load bearing bastard, fast, slick and raging...heads-down no-nonsense pummelling melodic blues rock. Criminally good”

“The Scottish rockers absolutely went down a storm and proved themselves to be the perfect opening act for the main stage”

“Opening the main stage were Attica Rage who proved they deserved their position with a classic set”

“like a metal pick n’ mix and highly entertaining”

“they slam out a groove that's impossible to dislike”


“a sonic force of great Heavy Metal guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and some pretty decent leads”

Adrenalin Metal Union

“Technically flabbergasting, powerful, raw vocals and great lyrics to boot, the guys have a great future ahead of them!”

Sian Jennifer Smith - Room Thirteen

“This band is set to carve its way into rock history and the album is stuff of legends. With Ruin Nation as their debut release Attica Rage have made themselves their own hard act to follow. 5/5”

Lin Goodwin - Black Velvet Magazine

“a pounding piece of traditional thrash that rolls like thunder from riff to refrain.... Attica Rage packs a piquant punch; grungy yet eloquent”


“loud, bulldozing metal to drink, mosh and quite possibly head-butt old ladies to”

Greg Porter - Devolution Magazine

“Attica Rage appear from a dark corner with chaos and paranoia tattooed on their arms and demons to the fore. One of the most promising epic metal acts, destined to be in the upper reaches of the rock kingdom in days to come”

Musician (Musician's Union magazine)

“Strong lyrics reflect the band's growing maturity, developed from intensive live performances - crank it up loud for maximum pleasure!”

Music News Scotland

“...compelling guitar work....effective version of the grimy metal Zakk Wylde does well, mated up with a nod to the more technical end of grunge... for fans of Black Label Society and Alice In Chains”

Steve Beebee - Kerrang!

“Heavy guitar riffs with a combination of catchy hooks make for an eclectic blend”

Hails & Horns (USA)

“ambitious in scope and blisteringly delivered, with a crowd pleasing combination of tasty hooks and bone-crunching guitar”

Graham Caldwell - Daily Express

“a perfectly blended mesh of bad-ass riffs and pure metal revelry”

Alexander Milas - Kerrang! (2006)

“Attica Rage have a sense of authority and a freshness to their sound that should not be underestimated nor pushed aside..a welcome change from the norms of the British music industry”