Attack Karma / Press

“Lookin' for The last drop of water - find a good sounding track with a gentle touch of psychedelic music...”

Cento - Reverbnation

"CoSmic RaYs" is so unique, so much expression you put into your vocals, and the music is really cool, lovin' the listen today!

Kim Guthrie - Reverbnation

“love the charming, 60's influenced psych-folk sound to your songs..really cool to hear a harpsichord on "last drop of water", and I love how strong and dynamic your voice is..”

MikeWhitePresents - Reverbnation

“Wonderful vocal and song.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - Reverbnation

“Such a nice feel and wonderful charming elements of melody. I like the creative orginality.”

Ashton Haze - Reverbnation

“The Last Drop of Water was really fun listening! Wanted to drag out my lava lamp!”

SpEnt fiXer - Reverbnation

“I love the forest and now am a new fan of you and your music. Great forest, butterfly/dreaming and guitar pictures. Your band rocks!”

Shoe Box of Angels - Reverbnation

“Great site!...Very Enjoyable!”

Overnight Collides - Reverbnation

“I bet a lot on your music it is a universe full of great sensations and work”

DJ Antonio - Reverbnation

“ Great music with soul and catchy pop sensibilities.”

Andy Salvanos - Reverbnation

“ Glad you share your 'weird' results with mankind. Old-school and contemporary at the same time. Cool riffing on Cosmic Rays and wicked slide guitar lines. Great vocals too..”

kloudworks - Reverbnation