ATRINA / Press

“ Atrina will melt your face. I haven't quite fully put myself back together after the sound ass-whooping Atrina delivered at Two Boots in Bridgeport on Friday. Their set left me with the same delicious stabbed-in-the-guts feeling that vintage P. J. Harvey evokes. Atrina force you to meet them with openness and wonderment, rather than superficial expectations based on their clothes or equipment. And it ultimately pans out, since the feel of their music is iconic. Their set was marked by turbulent riffs in angular time signatures. L'Heureux's vocals were relentless, plaintive; she wasn't yelling or screaming, and yet her lyrics seemed to evacuate her voice before they ever reached the audience, leaving us with just the sound itself, a husk of something communicated. Chilling, morbid, and delicious. ”