“Part Metal Church, part Judas Priest, part King Diamond, you’ve got to give the gents of A Tortured Soul much respect for taking on an aggressive and seemingly impossible amalgam of Metal greatness and making it all work in the context of a single band.”

"Now, here is the kind of band that makes me glad to be a metalhead in 2010."

“Excerpt: "I am mighty impressed with A Tortured Soul's Lucifer's Fate. There are no weak tracks to be found. It is a great listen from start to finish. Recommended."”

“To tell you the truth, the only reason I got this digital promo for review was that its description had the word “dark” next to Heavy Metal, which obviously is the genre it “belongs”. I didn’t really know what to expect from a band whose name is A TORTURED SOUL. From the very first seconds of this album you can understand the two major influences,JUDAS PRIEST and KING DIAMOND Rick Black’s vocals sound incredibly similar to Halford’s, while his high notes reminded me of King Diamond. The music is exactly what the band claims to be, dark Heavy Metal. Dark and heavy guitars accompanied with a solid rhythm section and an almost dramatic and powerful vocal performance by the band’s singer (we are talking about more than decent number of octaves range here). What makes these guys surpass mediocrity and be an actually good Heavy Metal band is the talent of the guitar duet, which offers some heavy, yet melodic riffs that balance between the classic and the modern Heavy Metal s”

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