A Ton of Blues / Press

“After receiving a lot of notice and a lot of success on the greater-Boston music scene, A Ton Of Blues have documented their authoritative stomping blues sound on their debut CD Crooked Avenue. This four piece blues outfit take an aggressive approach to presenting many authentic forms of vintage blues music. Listening to them makes you feel like an old friend is sharing his vast record collection with you while they keep your foot tapping to a driving beat. There is a lot going on in each song by A Ton Of Blues. They always make you feel a lot of motion in their material.”

“In addition to winning the band portion of the 2011 Boston Blues Challenge, they also won the 2011 Best Blues/R&B Act at the 2011 Worcester Music Awards. With the release of their debut disk Crooked Avenue, expect more awards for these guys real soon. ”

“......for a night that was "off the hook", filled with slow blues, rockin' blues and everything in between to melt all of your blues desires. A Ton of Blues really turned up the heat for a solid performance at John Brown's Smokehouse in Brooklyn, leaving the audience begging for more.”

William Weeks - East Coast Blues Review

“Finding a lot of fans and a lot of success for a blues band that formed less than two years ago, A Ton Of Blues have already won the Worcester Music Awards for best blues and R&B band, and they recently won the Boston Blues Challenge, a victory that sets them up for the International Blues Competition in Memphis next winter. ”

“A Ton Of Blues barreled into Boston’s Hard Rock Café last Friday night, and they kicked ass with originals and standards in a lively 45 minute romp. ........ guitarist Scott LeBlanc made his guitar hiss with fancy finger work, sliding some greasy notes around while ATOB’s mighty rhythm section kept a steady stump in the groove. There is no overlooking the heft this band serves up due to the drumming style of best dressed drummer Al Clark and knobby bass playing of Jeff Lorenzon........singer Mike Kelly is more of the "rangy voice used as an instrument" vocalist than what might be perceived, until you’ve heard him sing several different kinds of songs.”

“A Ton Of Blues perform an aggressive take on the old school blues format. A driving rhythm section, wiry guitar, and thick, heavy harmonica mark this band in almost every song they play. It is definitely blues, but it’s wild and out of the cage.”

Bill Copeland - Bill Copeland Music News

“Nice job opening for Johnny Winter at the Bullrun!”

Scot Armstrong - Reverb Nation

“What can you say except these guys are doing it right. In the pocket and they are A+ all the way.”

The Fabulous Del Counts - ReverbNation.com

“Seriously ass kickin' blues!”

Doctor Steve - Reverb Nation