Atom Rush / Press

“In "Stay Mobile Sauce," the opening track, Rush speaks to the irony and urgency of "staying mobile" in the modern age. He invokes the ultimate symbol of American liberty, of mobility, the automobile. However, this powerful sign, which denotes the freedom to go anywhere, also derives its force from the possibility of self-annihilation--as Rush points out, the freedom of letting go of the wheel. Juxtaposed to this meditation on free will is the line "Behind such machinery I'm merely a spare part." In the age of the Google car, this subtle insight insists that soon the freedom infused in the American symbol of the car--a freedom that derives its power from the "what if" that we all have flirted with--will soon be lost to us; we will truly be "spare parts" in light of such technological advancement. ”

“In 1999 Atom Rush began performing with the Film Arts Revolution (FAR), an experimental group that blended music and film. Atom Rush became interested in combining different art forms and continues today experimenting with poetry, music, film and art.”

“Among the other acts were Atom Rush putting his original poem, "Free Will In Brewster New York," over a reggae dub provided by bassist Kentucky Parkis”