Atomic Skunk / Press

“Guitar driven electronic atmospheres that are inspired by the Grateful Dead as much as The Orb.”

John Diliberto - Echoes Radio

“Ambient music at it's best.”


“Definitely the contender for best ambient album of the year.”

“Portal is a work of art for the ears that should be treasured and a must for your music library.”

“Lush soundscapes of beats, rhythms and voices that are woven together in such a way as to envelop the listener allowing them to leave behind their day to day existence for awhile and enter completely into this world.”

“Haven't heard anything like this for years. Absolutely amazing!! a complete trip. Can't wait to get it in my hands. Nice one mate”

“Note perfect ambient, full of mood, unusual dreamstate shifts and psychedelic edges. ”

“Wow. WOW. Amazing work, Rich. You are an inspiration. Thanks for Portal! I love it.”

“An Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole journey.”

"It’s subtle, complex, and cerebral ambient music which thrills because it is able to exude such humanity. Download it and keep it!"

“Beautiful, thougtful, spiritually moving. www.atomicskunk.com Bravo!”

“Quite a Journey”

“I love ambient, downtempo music and Atomic Skunk has that surreal, haunting yet relaxing music that makes you take notice.”

“Truly beautiful.....Truly....”

“Brodsky's "Portal" LP has fingertip care, with a liberal sprinkling of indeterminate entry and exit gates, typified by sounds of people, birds, flowing water, thunder, with glistening textures and beats that recall Eraldo Bernocchi's collaborations with Harold Budd.”

“Wonderfully atmospheric and interesting music. This is my kind of ambient electronic as Atomic Skunk masterfully blends ambient recordings with intriguing musical ideas for a fascinating sound.”

“Hats off to you mate, Portal is a complete trip. It sends you there and back again, haven't heard anything like this for a long, long time”

Paul Carter - Twitter

“Truly takes you to different lands, different universes in the span of a little over an hour.”

“Portal is Atomic Skunk's second CD, and I can say two things: one, that I intend to go get the first release (Binary Scenes) and two, I'm looking forward to hearing more from Rich Brodsky, the well-named and very talented Atomic Skunk.”

“GREAT Electronic music I recommend your music to anyone who loves eclectic electric.”

“Sometimes you hear music and it has to grow on you then there is music that as soon as you hear it it grabs you and you have to let people know about it...this is that music.”

“Brodsky shows an excellent feel for sound textures and manipulation throughout Portal. No treatment or addition seems too gratuitous. It all works, each new sound a syllable in his narrative.”

“Feel like I've been traveling :) Nice Work!”

“The album moves from gentle pastoral guitar-strumming ambiences like “China Box” to cyclical bell-tones that recall Klaus Schulze’s “Crystal Lake” on “Chronoswamp,” but updating those retro sounds with glitched stutters. ”

“Thanks, already bought your excellent Binary Scenes album at the iTunes store, after listening to it on your site. Fabulous!”

"Really wonderful soundscapes and ambient music that just forces a headspace of chill & peacefulness"