Atomic Honey / Press

“We want Atomic Honey for Christmas”

Children of All Ages - Santa's List

“Thanks to Atomic Honey, I'm popular at my school now. Who knew geeks could be so cool?”

Anonymous Star Wars Convention Goer - A/V Quarterly

“Space, Hugs, and Rock N' Roll! This is the musical battle-cry that is...Atomic Honey.”

Atomic Love Vibe Moderaters - AH Central

“Atomic Honey has that rare gift of recording great music all hours of day and night without disturbing their neighbors.”

Atomic Honey's Neighbors - The 'Hood

“Atomic Honey is toxically sweet! In fact, we recommend that women who are pregnant or nursing check with their physician before listening.”

The Suits in Bristol - The Daily Frontal Lobe

“More soothing than a post-coitus cigarette...”

Kev - The Left Hemisphere