A Tin Djinn / Press

"What kind of music"? "That's a great question....some nights on stage I'll think, Whoa what the hell am I playing? but then I'll think....yea THAT'S what I'm playing!' Kim Dasilva, bass & vox

Ian Monkeypenny - Bloke & Stagger Magazine

“I know, I know, they always ask us HOW the chicken got trapped in the bass drum! .....it's so embarrassing.”

Anne Heller - New Route Magazine

“I just wanna have sex with groupies til I'm WELL into my seventies, ya know, like Charlie Chaplin (laughs into his purple doily)”

“Some nights I come out on stage & there's all this energy.... then I realize it's cuz I need to pee.... but ya know as long as the performance doesn't suffer, it's all good fun!!”

“& THAT was the last time we used the exploding poodle on stage!!!!”

“We can't help it that people "show their appreciation" by pulling down their pants & setting their hair on FIRE!. Do we mind? I'd rather not say...”