A Time Devised / Press

“Nice work guys ! i can easily say that i liked your music as much as any 30 Seconds to Mars song.......and thats a compliment ! well done”

CEO Stevil Hammer Management

“IN the first 40 seconds, I knew you guy's are seasoned and I'm fucking impressed!!!! Your friends from Skinn Jakkitt recommended I listen to you.............. I haven't got the time (at this moment) to read your bio but I KNOW TALENT WHEN I HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!! I WILL LISTEN TO THE REST OF YOUR DEMO TONIGHT ON THIS PAGE......... I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS FOR YOU GUY'S!!!!!!!!!!- Rick Speedie”

Rick Speedie-(Metal Hammer, etc mag.)

“Im with the band Check out A Time Devised in the studio interview, Hickory NC. ''A band to see for sure" Newland NC's own have formed a new band of rock... we welcome members of A Time Devised to the studio for this I'm With the Band episode. It's taken them a few tries, but they are where they feel comfortable and playing the shows they want to play. Writing their music and getting a taste at recording, these guys are performing soulful rock and roll for a wide variety of audeinces. ”