ATHENS / Press

“Athens is twangy and angry and weird and funny. It presents the challenges and picks the fights rock 'n' roll is supposed to.”

“Art-rock, where have you been hiding? It feels good to listen to something unhinged for a change and this is genuinely playful, unafraid to be ridiculous... bright colours, surreal landscapes, exaggerated mood music, abrupt changes of direction, it’s got them all.”

“It's an appropriately silly title for an album full of fun, wild-eyed guitar rock, tinkling noisemakers and Tom Waits-like theatricality. Athens is aptly compared to Dr. Seuss -- if you dropped his cartoon world in a back alley and funkified it. ”

“A solid, danceable groove unified the majority of Athens' set, but the groove itself morphed from futuristic synthesizer jams to prog-rock, finally returning to a jarring blues-influenced stomp, sometimes all in the course of one song.”

“Their geeky-white-guy approach to funk and world rhythms calls to mind Talking Heads, but the quieter moments have a smoky blues feel. The arrangements and production on their new independent EP... are a sort of kitchen-sink psychedelia, alternately funny and spooky.”

“...art rock that deftly yanks influences from funk to blues to polyrhythmic worldbeat... The band's album "What Would We Wear Were We Werewolves" is filled with the kind of quirky, witty, new-wave-ish dance rock that might even get the bar's neighbors across the street dancing.”

“The eclectic-nature of Athens made for a phenomenal performance... highlighted by the brilliant guitar/effects work of Olaus, and the vocals of Yearick”

“Athens must have had a little divine guidance when they locked themselves in their converted church-turned-home studio in Chicago for seven months to produce their newest CD. ”

“The fluidity that ATHENS applies in synthesizing these very distinct properties is like that of a brilliant (or mad) scientist, hellbent on bringing to life something so strikingly new.”

“If Andy Warhol made music instead of art...”

“Athens casts a gothic shadow over its brand of jangle pop with spooky vox and synth sounds and lyrics that are creepy at one moment, comical at the next.”

“With songs that are all at once playful, creepy and 100 percent rock ‘n’ roll”

“Making Jangle Pop with dark and progressive leanings, ATHENS assaults your ears not with hooks and repetition, but with sprawling compositions that eschew verse/chorus/verse in deference to meandering melodies and poetic lyrical presentations.”

Ezra Waller - CityBeat Magazine (Cincinnati OH)