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“Starting early, recording her first LP in 1978 Athena has blossomed into A Musical Force to be reckoned with in today’s Indie World of ~Songwriters~& Performers Cross the rich, layered keyboard style of Enya or Clannad a with the sincere & Passionate Vocals of Shakira & Joan Baez and you have a launch pad for the classical guitarist-driven, Pianist & songwriting style of Athena”

“Release of the New Mystic Secret Fully Loaded is now Out 7/7/2014”

“Athena is Now on Tour through the US Locations include: Sacramento, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Nebraska, and Tennessee”

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“weRwe Records offers an eclectic mix of chill-out music called “Volume One” this month, bringing together fresh talent from around the world on one cool compilation. Fans of ambient music, as well as indie rock and experimental sounds, will enjoy this diverse, unconventional release!!”

“weRwe Records – Volume One – Album Review A compilation album…I’m not sure how you all take one of those in, but for yours truly here – this is a gift and certainly help enable my obsession with listening to all kinds of music! Brought to life by weRwe records, this album showcases talent from all over with a bunch of future superstars from all kinds of genres and styles making some incredible tunes. I’ve had enough listens through it to be able to explain what’s happening the best I can – so let’s push play and do this thang! Starting the multi-record is Athena with a song called “Movement” – a great choice to open this all-new experience with weRwe records and a decent insight into the level and caliber of artists they’re working with. It sounds like it has a Spanish or Latin influence in the music and Athena puts her smooth vocals against some big-beating drums to help start this compilation off on the right note.”

“Athena was chosen by The Fiat Band PRIX TO Give Away her Mystic Song to as many fans as possible. VOTE For Athena DOWNLOADING Her Song FREE”

“weRwe Records is excited to Announce The Release of their new premiere album, Volume One! It is scheduled to be available November 12th 2013. This new compilation features amazing, fresh talent from around the world. The album highlights an exhilarating mix of electronically influenced and instrumentally powerful tracks. However, the most thrilling aspect of this album is the liberating musical freedom exhibited by the uncommon styles of each unique artist. The compilation is not limited to only exploring a particular traditional genre, instead it is a showcase of talented and influential artists from various experienced backgrounds. Expect to be blown away by the surreal and unconventional sounds of robust artists like Kari Tribble, Kai Carra, Janice Kephart, Ryo Utasato, Mike White Presents, Athena and more!. Their music is empowering, moving.”

“MOVEMENT Is Trending Movement was played over 20x this week Header Image Congrats ATHENA! You've got a smoking tune!”

Reverbnation - Reverbnation

“Reverbnation Artist Synaptic News Letter Features ~Athena~ and her song MOMENT IN TIME”

“New http://Aural6.Com Indie Radio Shout-Out and a GREAT Sunday to ~Athena~”