Asuka Kakitani Jazz Orchestra / Press

“On this album, her compositions sigh, dream, rise, slip quietly into shifting moods and build toward fragrant crescendos. Kakitani and her ideas and pen are the real deal…”

“She is a musical impressionist and supreme colorist whose arrangements open up and spread out across a tonal palette as they accrete phrases and riffs into blossoming aural panoramas . . . Each of the CD’s eight tracks is a rich kaleidoscope of complexly blooming music.”

“Plenty of burst of euphoria followed by long soaring sections of beauty.”

“Colors, texture and sensations weave in and out of her pieces with endless variety – reflective of our natural world.”

“… sumptuous positivity and organic flow… ★★★★”

“With the whole year still lying in wait, it's more than a little presumptuous to say this is the breakout large group outing of 2013. However, it's hard to imagine any other newcomer one-upping Kakitani; this music is absolutely superb.”

“Smoking stuff that really hits it out of the park.”