A Story Beneath / Press

"Sometimes all you need is three people to make a glorious noise. Looking to add their own take on the less-is-more principle is California-based A Story Beneath. On the band's five-song EP, the group combines downtuned metal-style guitars and crunchy riffs with melodic vocals, half-time drumming, some clever synthesizer coloration, and memorable, radio-ready songwriting. The EP's production is completely major label quality. Anyone checking this EP out, even on a whim, should not be disappointed. 9 out of 10."

"A Story Beneath from Santa Clarita, California have the big stadium sound you are looking for and they pull it off as a three piece."

"Hailing from Santa Clarita, California is rock trio, A Story Beneath. The simplicity of compositions draws the attention to the peaceful voice of Phil Goff. While the band is fairly raw from a developmental standpoint, they are a producer’s dream with regard to artistic direction. With the right songs and slightly more lift in the chorus, there’s the potential for greatness here."

“I have recently been listening a lot to a great band from Santa Clarita, California. I hope you are familiar with them and if not, it is time to get acquainted with A Story Beneath. These three guys come together with driving rhythms, melodic chords blended with some powerful rock reminiscent of Silverchair, early Tool and Incubus but they definitely have a sound of their own. Once you start listening to them, believe me, you might not stop." ”

"The day stayed consistently around 100-degrees, but there was a cool breeze swinging through Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion that kept everyone cool. Santa Clarita-based band A Story Beneath, the Battle of the Bands winner, kicked off the day and had a solid performance with a surprisingly amount of fans present at the Ernie Ball Stage. Other bands to catch on that stage included Mindset Evolution, Redlight King, Deuce and the always popular P.O.D."