As The Crow Flys / Press

"Imagine a damp and dark night, with sleet rolling down your neck and the wind blasting the bone marrow chill through your entire body. You enter a place with a small brilliant fire that embraces you with its warmth. The only light comes from the fire and as you draw near you feel the subtle, buoyant music in the room that is coming from that fire. Sue Nordman is the fire and as she sings you become aware that Sue does not "sing" a song as as she "passions" the song. In the dark she will caress with a silky voice and then whisper, howl, and moan this musical experience the better to warm you from the cold. Sue Nordman is far more an experience, no matter if she is doing her own finely wrought songs or covering a familiar tune, than just a singer. The music on the CD is wonderful, but do not deny yourself the true, full encounter and go see her live. It's time you came in from the cold

Tom Saunders - Host of Folk IT! - A3radio.com