Assuming We Survive / Press

“Assuming We Survive went on to win Localpalooza and will kick off X103.9’s Merry Meltdown concert Saturday, Dec. 14 at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario ahead of bands that include Korn and Stone Temple Pilots. The Localpalooza win is the cherry on top of a big year that saw the band earning spots to perform at the Vans Warped Tour and Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. The band is also performing at a benefit show at M15 on Friday, Dec. 13.”

“A bouncing synthesis of New Millennium middleweight rock influences, this Rancho Cucamonga crew sees no reason why metal's clanking guitars and pop-punk's sanguine melodies and sunny harmonies shouldn't seamlessly coexist. These stylistic bedfellows get it on with gusto on songs like "Yea, So What If I'm Sprung," which is less frat-boy flippant than, say, Blink-182 but not as grudgingly burdened as full-bore "core" bands. It really helps that singer Adrian Estrella actually can (and shuns his peers' almost obligatory screaming), while his bandmates convincingly summon many a mood from their instruments. Tuneful, rhythmically captivating, sincere without sounding overly serious, if they can avoid lower-common-denominator sonic compromise, Assuming We Survive should downright thrive”

“There’s an old cliché that goes something like this, “Punk is dead.” With that came a backlash from punk lovers especially here in the IE where so much of it coalesced forming a “punk is alive” and “it will never die” mentality. Assuming We Survive is one of those bands that just can’t get enough punk. “Punk will never die. You can’t kill something that has that much history, that much meaning to so many people,” says Phil Adams, guitarist for the band.”

“Assuming We Survive had a large, enthusiastic crowd mixed with locals and a lot of fans visiting from Southern California. I immediately recognized “Catch 22″ from Spotify and the crowd response confirmed that it was one of their most popular anthems. I was extremely impressed by the band’s energy, especially that of singer Adrian Estrella who was all over the stage and in the crowd.”

“Assuming We Survive wins X103.9′s Localpalooza”

“Crowd Surfing on surfboards, surprise special guests, and tearing holes in ceilings are just a little of what fans can expect when local pop punk band, Assuming We Survive (AWS) tears up the stage. Ok, I’m pretty sure the hole in the ceiling thing was an accident, but it was still pretty punk rock. We’ve seen these dudes play a few times now, and they never disappoint; so when they granted Nerdpop special access to their record release show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, we were all over it.”