As Silence Breaks / Press

"If The Architecture of Truth is the future of Melodic Death Metal in Australia, then i'm excited." 3.5/5

No Heroes Mag

"For me, this band were one of the stand-out acts for the day, with smooth melodic riffs and layers of brutal death metal against delicate arpeggios."

"I need to tell you that this is a must-buy for not only fans of such Melodic Death acts as (so sited in the info sheet) At The Gates, As I Lay Dying, Soilwork, In Flames, and Unearth...but also for those into the current Metalcore genre. Bands like Killswitch Engage definitely come to mind, somehow...even if ASB is somewhat...let's say héavier!? Anyway, this is fodder for the year-lists, yoh..." 98/100

"While the title of the metal kings of Australian music may always reside with PARKWAY DRIVE, AS SILENCE BREAKS are not only one of the strongest contenders for that crown, they have also made a massive splash with one of the best metal albums of the year." 9/10

"The self-titled album and The Inferno (EP), released in 2009 and 2011 respectively, were both solid releases that were pretty successful, but the progression shown on The Architecture Of Truth is amazing. This release has the potential of sky-rocketing As Silence Breaks into the ranks of the elite from Australia." 9.2/10

"There’s no doubting that The Architecture Of Truth is a huge step forward for the Sydney locals from their eponymous debut album and 2010’s The Inferno EP. Not only is the playing itself more fluid, the record simply sounds huge."

"In all-black, As Silence Breaks made their presence known, despite front of stage being completely empty at the beginning of their opening song Wrath Will Be Delivered. By its conclusion, they were faced with a nearly 30-strong crowd. Ben Irwin on guitar and vocals delivered some incredible vocal talent between screams from singer Sam Rilatt, whose voice carried the span of the venue. By the end of their second song Dawnbreakers, the entire bar was at front of stage in order to catch a glimpse of what was turning out to be an extraordinary set. After some great audience involvement, the crowd set off on a running circle, and people were carried, thrown and backflipped all over the floor."

"Their latest album, ‘The Architecture of Truth’, was acclaimed by critics and earned the group comparisons to some of the greats of modern heavy metal, such as Trivium, Darkest Hour and As I Lay Dying."

“AS SILENCE BREAKS commanded your attention with their presence and tunes with one guitarist banging the guitar as though bench pressing it. The singer prowled the stage as if you were to give in to him or else it was your head.”

“With a sound sitting comfortably between both beauty and aggression, As Silence Breaks have made a sound both unique yet highly accessible.”