Asperilla Mint / Press

“Visionary musician Mark Blacknell has released his new full-length record, “Blue Arrow.” The album is composed of nine tracks over 35 minutes listening time. Blacknell's style of songwriting and performance on “Blue Arrow” is a spiritual successor to the classic rock tones of the sixties, but adds to this a handful of certain elements that belie his personal roots in 1990s culture. The album opens with the startlingly titled, “Woke Up Alive,” which has stark characteristics of early David Bowie, and introduces Blacknell quite appropriately as a man with groove and confidence in his musical soul that communicates easily and well through both his writing and delivery. This is followed by a somewhat darker track, “Hiding Away,” which contrasts against the more lighthearted tracks on “Blue Arrow” with progressions of minor chords and vocal styles very reminiscent of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and acoustic Nirvana, very powerful in its simplicity and execution.”