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"I think this album is solid from beginning to end. Josh Schwartz is a beast on the guitar and displays some very interesting and unique riffs throughout the album. The rhythm section of Chris Haren on drums and Jesse Keen on bass is as tight and solid as any other unit in music today. Then there’s vocalist Nina Osegueda. This woman has so many guns in her arsenal. She embodies power, passion, sensitivity and aggression that a lot of singers would kill for. If Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson had a love child, then she would definitely be it! Do yourself a favor and check this album out before the band blows up big. You need to jump on this bandwagon because it’s going to fill up quick!"

"A Sound of Thunder's Out of the Darkness is premium, kick ass, classic heavy metal..." "Look out boys, the next great metal singer is here."

“A Sound Of Thunder is not just some typical female-fronted metal band, as proven by their second album Out Of The Darkness. With a singer who is not just all looks, and a sound that has the best parts of heavy metal, Out Of The Darkness is a galvanizing effort.”

"Murderous Horde", the new video from Washington D.C.-based female-fronted heavy metallers A SOUND OF THUNDER, can be seen below, The song comes off the band's second full-length album, "Out Of The Darkness", which will be released on March 27 via Nightmare Records.

“Less than a year after self-releasing the band's first album, "Metal Renaissance," A Sound of Thunder will now release a second full-length album, "Out of the Darkness," on March 27th, 2012. The 10 track album is being released through U.S. independent label Nightmare Records.”

“RAVEN Frontman Guests On New A SOUND OF THUNDER Album - Jan. 28, 2012”

“This is just straight up, in your face, pounding metal, with classic metal riffs and the strong (to say the least) classic metal vocal style of Nina Osegueda.”

“They slide easily between thrash and prog, keeping the songs constantly driving forward along with Schwartz and his evil solos. I highly recommend checking out this album and seeing this band live. ”

“Nina Osegueda with her long brown hair takes on all the attention for the evening, running sideways along the stage, jumping energetically and just rocking out on stage. The crowd reacts positively, jumping up and down on some songs, dancing and screaming their support. In fact, the crowd was so enthusiastic that I was deaf the whole next day. ”

“A.S.O.T. has a very classic metal sound in the vein of Iron Maiden. Except this time it is fronted by a woman Nina Osegueda, who exudes sexiness with her curves and bright red corset. It was like a beacon on stage.”

“[From EP Review] Overall, this is an excellent first effort by this group. I really do enjoy Nina's strong and powerful vocals on here. Josh is awesome on the guitars, plus Chris delivers a solid backing on the drums. These guys deliver a fairly unique take on the power metal genre that I do find somewhat refreshing. It is almost like they combine the old-school Judas Priest/Black Sabbath sound and mix in a bit of the more modern HammerFall or Helloween sound, and then front the whole thing with a female. In the end I actually really enjoyed what I heard here and am actually looking forward to getting to see these guys play a live gig up at Jaxx. I would recommend checking these guys out. Four out of Five Devil Horns (m/m/m/m/). ”

“Metal band A Sound of Thunder has written and recorded the song "Justice At Last" for and about the West Memphis Three. The song is released May 10th, available on iTunes and at all major digital music outlets, as a very special charity single benefiting the WM3. 100% of proceeds will go to the West Memphis Three Legal Defense Fund.”