“How does a 10-piece ska band celebrate St. Patrick's day? The old fashioned way: by cramming into a school bus and tripping on a road to Chicago. Askultura knows that to build a following, you have to tour and the bigger the tour, the more room you have to grow. Coasting up to Chicago is a big step for the band, one too big to cram into your basic touring van. That's why they are riding in style in the Cool Bus. The refurbished school bus is a massive spectacle, announcing to each new city that Askultura has arrived. Along with Jay Tea from the Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Ska Goes Solo tour, Askultura is blazing a trail to Chicago for two big St. Patrick's day shows. The night before they took off for tour, we chatted with singer And Mazzatoro who gave us the scoop on everything from what they eat on the road to how they acquired the beautiful touring automobile. Do the cool kids still sit in the back of the bus? It's a difficult question when every kid is cool enough to be in Asku”

“Having a variety of instruments ranging from guitar and bass, to washboard and accordion, the band has a unique ska style that I’ve come to love in my short time spent with their album. Opening up with immediate energy the crowd erupts into dance. Anyone who might have been previously standing still certainly wasn’t any longer. The feeling of unity and elation from the crowd has only been amplified at this point and many sing along to every word. Each of the band’s eight members are playing the crowd, utilizing the intimate venue to create a sense of camaraderie not only within the crowd itself, but also between them and the band. It’s a wonderful feeling that is rarely created...from the washboard to the trumpet, blend together flawlessly, creating a jumpy, upbeat Latin-ska sound that you can’t help but dance along with. They play every song I can think from the album and each one is a delight to hear. From “Gutter Queen” to “Winter Skirt Knee,”...”

“Askultura — the name just looks cool — is a 10-piece whirling dervish of skalsa-core-anarcho-rhumba, a blitzkrieg of world music played at punk-rock speed with little acknowledgment of what one might consider “the rules.” Warp-speed polyrhythms and slow-winding horn riffs intertwine and unravel like some meth-addled Maypole, creating an onslaught of sound unlike anything else you’ll find.”

“They are the grizzled bastard hellchild of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Gogol Bordello. I have a suspicion that DKM had a run at the mom and injected some gravel voiced DNA into the mix. Great stuff!!”

Justin Cudney - Private Interloper

“Ascolta is Italian for listen, and that's exactly what local punk crew Askultura want you to do. "Listen to the culture," says the band's founder Andrew, a Lakota Nation warrior poet. He and his nine cohorts -- two chicks, six dudes, and a beast named Captain on the washboard -- are releasing a new album of tribal hooligan sounds called Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury.”

“Askultura filled the stage with a great performance. There are like 19 members in that band, and it was difficult to distinguish the boundaries of the stage because its members kept multiplying and cascading onto the floor.”

“3. Askultura This band has got more wildlife in it than National Geographic, and these party animals could make Helen Keller dance. Askultura's mix of urban-crunk-reggae-punk is pure as 151, and universal enough that they could play a welcome home concert for 2 Pac and still start pit. Between the hand drums, stick drums, horn brass, heavy bass, great vocals, and island riddims, Askultura turn every concert to a carnival, and every club into an animal house.”

“How do you describe your music to people? I just tell people, “Yeah, it’s fun.” That seems to cover my emotion as far as I’m willing to go. Genre-wise it’s based in punk ethos and sound, & throw in ska, reggae, klezmer, Italian, gypsy inspired melodies, Cuban roo...”

“Twenty years in the game and the Slackers are still sharper than a stepping razor. On Sunday night, hundreds of people came out for the NYC ska rockers, the Duppies, and Miami's own Askultura at Churchill's Pub.”

“Askultura's six songs of Miami-style mezcla music will see official release at a show July 9 at Churchill's. The band's sound is along the li...”

“In November 2012, Askultura released their second studio album, the sixteen-track “Ten Strong Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury” which promptly resonated a hurricane of orchestrated culture across south Florida and subsequently on a southeast US tour in January 2013. This robust ten-member ensemble is a synchronized force of dynamistic sound. The adrenaline-breeding album “Ten Strong” encompasses a rhythmic blend of mischievousness tracks inspired by unpretentious perceptions that are guaranteed to swing your ass!”

“Since 2007 [2009], Italian-American frontman and guitarist And Chisena has been forging Askultura into a lyrical stimulation that is reinforced by a diversely talented band. From Columbia to Oklahoma and accordions and horns to washboards and kazoos, And has cultivated an idyllic punk, reggae, ska, rumba group comprised of what he calls “rockindios”.”