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“Starting off with the high-octane “Poverty Of The Mind”, we are thrown head first into the pure unrelenting progressions of gruff-vocal expressions not too distant from the great “Byron Davis”. Adding the speed of the drums and tonalities of the guitars, this is a great introduction to the album. Bringing in the heaviness with “Another Chance To Kill” and the technicalities of “Close My Eyes” you really are left wanting more. The interesting combination of guitar harmonies and pure heaviness is not to be missed nor misunderstood. Introducing the beautiful rich intense solos and very well abused Whammy pedals and you feel a little smile creep on over. Track after track this album just gets better and better, with the most technical and heavy phrasing combinations anyone could expect to hear. Mix up the songs and solos with Wah’s, Delay, and Harmony driven sequences and you really do have an amazing listening experience. If you like Children of Bodom, Lamb of God,10/10”

“ ASH THE SKY "This is Reality" - Independent - 2013 With a lethal claw and the British production of Ash the Sky make a brilliant appearance in the field of modern technical melodeath, an amalgam that for many can also typecast in the battles of metalcore, but for my taste more fits into the first side through a very brutal style, grooviero a quite technical and where you can remember to listen to style bands In Flames, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy and even the legendary Carcass.combining the best American modern metal groove with all that entails with the blunt technique of Scandinavian band. Material will find ganchero totally overwhelming and rich in nuances in topics such as "Poverty of the Mind" (pure thrash death to the Lamb of God), the enfermantemente groovie "Another Chance to Kill", the modern and heavy "Conflikt" the melodeath fast and technical "This is Reality ..." are just a few hints of what that sounds freakishly good this new grouping.NOTE: 9/10”

“ASH THE SKY,self-release "This Is Reality" The solo project of one Michael j Felder, Ash The Sky have emerged with their first full-length"THIS IS REALITY" and it's certainly and interesting listen. Rooted in overtly technical fusion of death and thrash metal,Felder's chosen sound is often familiar but just as frequently effective,with the odd dash of melody thrown in for good measure. Lyrically the likes of "WAKE UP" and "I Scream Vengeance" cover well-worn ground but the air of aggression and defiance works well here.Making this a real fist-pumper of a record. While its hardly ground-breaking and not everything flows as well as it could, this is an impressive achievement,and no doubt a sign of even bigger and beter things to come. 3out of5 Rob Sayce”


“Today’s Metal scene has seen a resurgence, of sorts. This is especially noticable in a few specific genre. Thrash Metal being one of them. This weeks edition of “Monday Metal Review” covers a release by UK Melodic Death/Thrash act, ASH THE SKY. If the name sounds familiar, that is because, a few months back I posted a review of the 3 song “Demo 2012″ [ found here ]. I enjoyed it immensely and have been eagerly awaiting the complete CD version. ASH THE SKY is a solo project band out of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Started by Mike J. Felder (guitar/vocals) after moving to Europe from the US. Mike has written and recorded all the tracks in his home/studio but, don’t be alarmed. This is a quality production with layers of fantastic guitar riffs, ripping leads and piercing vocals. Building on the “Demo” tracks, ASH THE SKY continues with the melodic grinding riffage and various tempo changes.The vocal assault rips your eardrums from their haven and the lyrical content feels angr”

“For all those big hitters out there in the music industry, there are a few contenders to their throne, it is just a matter of circumstance and location, Ash The Sky and this demo is one of those releases that deserves a massive amount of credit, and more importantly, a good amount of record label support, I just hope a full band is formed soon so as not to miss any opportunities that could come their way. Ash the Sky are a tight as fuck and heavy as hell with a keen talent for melody, Ash The Sky delivers a titanic trio of metal anthems on this demo that is more akin to a big selling album.Ash the Sky is the brainchild of Mike Felder, recording essentially everything himself whilst on the hunt for musicians, Mike is a California native now located in the North East of England. This 3 song demo is a self-described heavy thrash death metal opus, this is true. What I wasn’t really prepared for was the volume and its impact.Right from the opener ‘Let Freedom Ring’, Ash the Sky pummel”

“ASH THE SKY is a new band created in early 2012, the concept had been on the table for a year...Michael J Felder(guitars/vocals) created ASH THE SKY -Michael was trying to create a band that was going to write music that wasn't in some "sub category" ,this is starting to become rather boring. you have bands that want and do sound like KSE..and then you have those DJENT bands which copying Meshuggah is out of the question..ASH THE SKY music is original,drawing on musical knowledge,technique and skill to create the BIG sound that this debut album has..using 7 string guitars.Michael has developed into a better player and songwriter using this type of instrument ..in recent reviews ASH THE SKY is being lumped in with some big names in the game,like IN FLAMES,Lamb Of God,Soilwork and others...2012 should end with the full length album from ASH THE SKY..”

“ASH THE SKY – DEMO 2012 – REVIEW Posted by oometalcageoo on September 12, 2012 UK Death/Thrash project, ASH THE SKY , puts forth a 3 song Demo that, not only lunges a six inch dagger into your ear but, twists it as it is removed. From the opening track, “Let Freedom Ring”, thru the second track, “No Mercy”, and on to the last, “Conflict”. This demo is full of pounding drums, that slam your chest as the tempo changes. From quick, double bass, speedy beats, to a slow sludgey one and back again, you feel the adrenaline pump kick on. The hollowing guitar, purposefully flamboyant at times, echoes with a feel of bells ringing inside your head. Melodic yet, heavy and grinding riffs are a pleasure. The pearcing vocals tear at your ears with the intent to claw into your mind and embed itself within. For a Demo, this is very nicely put together. One can easily imagine themself slamming down beers and banging thier head to these songs in a live venue. Very well done guys, keep u”


“I had the opportunity to check out a demo by the metal band "Ash the Sky". These dudes from New Castle Upon Tyne, UK have recorded three of most brutal (yet quite musical) tracks i've heard in a while. Fans of Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Divine Heresy, Witchery or The Absence should check them out online. Hell, any metalhead would dig this music. Look them up and tell everyone you know ... FUCKING DO IT NOW! \m/”

“In today's metal world we have a a plethora of doom and death metal bands trying to out detune and scream each other. Today's band isn't one of them Ash The Sky brings a complex mix of old school thrash and modern death metal together in a sonic frenzy that should be heard. With thunderous beats and a signature vocal that goes perfectly with the guitar work that plays behind it. I heard 3 songs on the band's Reverbnation page and was left with wanting more. We play alot of metal and this just sounded a little different than your usual death metal. Its well produced well played and you get the feeling these guys have got the musical chops to make a name for themselves. I was impressed the guitar work the riffs and solos are seriously impressive.. If you haven't listened to these guys you SHOULD! if your a fan of Skeletonwitch, Children of Bodom these guys are right up your alley!”

“Ash the Sky....... Melodic Death metal takes a new front in the face of ‘Ash the Sky‘ from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, with their latest 3 track demo available for streaming now As you enter the tracks for the first time you are given blasts of highly influenced metal reigning from the likes of Metallica, Forbidden, Immortal and Yngwie Malmsteen with the technical shredding. Combine this with the high octane Thrash and Metal riffs and you have yourself a pretty good first insight to this British band. With the death metal growls and highly cleverly constructed riffing passages the music really opens itself up to its full potential. Technically ‘Ash the Sky‘ are as good as any other melodic band out there, however the melody lines do benefit the music so much more than others and you can hear it. If the album turns out to be as good as these 3 tracks then it will become something quite special. A truly excellent listening experience well worth awaiting more!”

“ASH THE SKY ''Promo 'Self released - 2012 - United Kingdom ASH THE SKY is a two men band from Newcastle-upon-Tyne (or something like that) in the UK and the subject of this review is their three song promo recording. Michael Felder (seven string guitars/vocals) and his partner in crime Chris Morgan (5-string bass) have created something that is really far from bad. The first track "Let Freedom Ring" is a melodic thrash attack with a modern touch - imagine something like LAMB OF GOD but with much more melody. Michael Felder's vocals remind me of the old style of IN FLAMES' Anders Friden. The second song "No Mercy" is a fast song in the vein of ARCH ENEMY with some remarkable guitar soloing. The closing track "Conflict" shows fully the impressive instrumental skills of Michael Felder. The promo have a decent sound so you can easily hear the ideas of ASH THE SKY. In case you like melodic and aggressive thrash - check this band out! 7/10”

“." There's a socially conscious attitude that pulls the music up from just being generic thrash metal,three songs just begin to scratch the surface of what a musician can do. I'd be interested in hearing Mike Felder carry out his creativity in new directions in a full-blown release”