Ash St John / Press

“How does your music separate yourself from other artists and bands out there? I believe my music shows a certain maturity. I am hitting my stride in many ways. My songwriting has reached a running stride. The caliber of the vocals and the instrumentation is top notch. I play all the instruments besides a couple bass-lines and drum parts on all my music.”

“Ash St. John, a talented acoustic/pop singer/songwriter based in St. Paul, Minnesota, has won the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest for November, for his song "Witness To Greatness.” This song will be included on his upcoming 4-song EP Million Miles Away, which St. John will release independently in January (2012). ”

“Minneapolis may be rife with strumming artists, but Ash St. John, an independent singer and songwriter from St. Paul, stands out among them. Ash St. John is a gifted acoustic musician and lyricist who has found love and acceptance within the Twin Cities’ current music scene, as well as that special brand of “Minnesota songwriter” underground fame. St. John has one prior full-length release entitled “The Faint Whisper Calling...”, and he’s currently working with local producer Andy Keech in hopes of releasing four new songs as an EP. He’s astoundingly modest as well; when complimented on his work to date, he has replied, “I got lucky.””

“The Faint Whisper Calling is good album on the basis that it is so easy to pick up and enjoy. It’s the type of record you can listen to with your significant other, the type of album you can enjoy just as easily in a rainstorm as you can on a hot summer day or a cold winter night. Simplicity and pace own this record as the sounds relax you from the first track. Its hard to criticize an album that doesn’t aim to challenge you, but just wants to work with you. ”

“was thoroughly impressed and enthralled by Ash St. John’s EP release, Won’t Back Down. When given the opportunity to get an early listen to his upcoming, full-length album release, The Faint Whisper Calling…, I blissfully took it. This confession comes from the keyboard of cynic who is not easily captured by most strains of the pop genre, and that means something. Assuming that declaration is not enough to persuade you, I will elaborate. Ash St. John’s variety of acoustic-folk-pop is difficult to lock down. Ash has a voice that I would sooner match with something harder, something louder. Pipes like his are suited for a lot of self-serving, guttural noise—and perhaps, in other decades, leather pants. Those vocals, smoothened, are layered onto a helping of guitar (largely acoustic), violin, and piano. The sound that results is reminiscent of a rocker’s solo foray into a sweeter self-expression, and there is nothing to dislike about that. ”

“I'm excited to see what he drums up in the coming months—the press kit for Prophecies reads "look for a new Ash St. John album in late 2011." He's given himself a lot of space to work with, and it should be fascinating to see what comes of it.”