Ashliegh Lisset / Press

“Ashliegh Lisset presents the National Anthem”

“Ashliegh Lisset is a bright young lady with a voice after America’s own heart. Her songs show hope in young love and the struggle of getting past a break up, and her words connect her with the thoughts and emotions of her audience. Her music is well developed, and this young singer shows much promise in the future. Her voice is smooth and sweet, and one may even be able to hear the innocence and vulnerability in it; it’s the voice for the all-American girl.”

“With everyday, there is always another new artist coming up with the sun, today I'm going to play this young and upcoming country singer. And when I say young, Ashliegh is only sixteen year's old. Ashliegh an unsigned artist (from Dallas, Texas) hasn't had the smooth going life as many teenager's would, a few years ago, at the age of eleven, she got the news that her father had been killed in Iraq, Ashliegh found strength and comfort through music, we all know music is a powerfully medium, and it sparked a passion in her, making her dream about her life in music.”

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