Ashley Raines & The New West Revue / Press

"Ashley Raines is a keen observer of the age-old struggles between sin and everything, between sin and whatever qualifies as its master—whatever walks it. His deep and cutting voice is one that you could find yourself hearing when no one else is around. He might be your internal monologue."

"This stop-you-in-your tracks album is one of the most authentic blues albums of the last many years."

““After the Bruising” is my favorite of Mr. Raines albums so far…This is the kind of music that makes you see the little emptinesses inside of you and realize that you are mostly alright with them being there...””

“2014 S.F.M.A. Songwriter Competition Winner”

"Raines has an unwitting confidence that never keeps his voice from overcoming his cynicism. The lyrics are dark, really dark. Nick Drake and Vic Chesnutt dark but it is what Raines does and has always done best. His lyrics are always the focus and the music sets the mood perfectly for them."

“Raines summons the honest and unfiltered voice inside us all by pulling no punches and being as straight-forward as you’ll hear. His songs are so brutally blunt you won’t be sure if they are his songs or the voice coming from deep inside yourself.........”

"Ashley Raines’ voice sounds like corn fields and machinery, coffee and chocolate, gravel and whiskey. It is organic and rough, bitter and smooth, gritty and refined. It has a driving force to it and, comes from a place that is deeper than the water hole back in the woods......."

“Ashley Raines Interview”

“2012 Record Of The Year Nominee-One Trick Mule”

“2010 Los Angeles Music Award. "In Lue Of Flowers Tour"”

“2008 Best Popular Music Award- P.P.A.C.”

“Kansas City born Ashley Raines did not disappoint with his unique lap steel guitar sound.”

“Raines, a slight man with a husky voice, sang lonely, blues-tinged songs about work, the devil, and his mother. His twangy, chugging slide guitar was accompanied by just the right amount of five-string fiddle, which filled the fairgrounds like an old-timey train horn. During his on-stage banter Raines talked about how he arrived at a life of "crime and music" after spending some years on the road as a young runaway. One song seemed to tell Raines' whole story in its title alone: "Hank Williams Saved My Life."”

"Raines possesses a voice of unique originality, tone, color and depth, along with an advanced songwriting approach not common enough these days. One listen and it's over. This release is completely filled with great quality mellow songs that never bore."

“One Trick Mule is a great glimpse into the underbelly of the Americana scene. 4 out of 5 stars.”

"Raines’ landscape is populated by villains and desperados - men who are angry at society, other people, and their own circumstances. His deep, gravelly voice is believable whether he is describing a farmer facing ruin, a wronged man contemplating vengeful murder or an entertainer living on the edge.....Raines excels at evoking a mood – in this collection (One Trick Mule), of catastrophe and sad inevitability"

“The longer I sat and listened to the band, the more I realized that, as much as I liked the music already, I had grossly underestimated what these guys were capable of. They are really good. There wasn't a note out of place when Raines laid the guitar over his lap and moved that slide up and down the neck.”

“Raines crosses the line between madness and genius.”

“(Raines) transports you to a world of grand prairies, dry deserts, rolling boxcars and southwestern cafes. ”

"Rockers going country can go either way. You either get solo Mike Ness or you get solo John Doe. This is John Doe, not Mike Ness, if you can savvy that."

“(Raines) forges an honest voice within songwriting and creates music that requires devout and unaltered attention”

“(Raines) vocals were perfectly complimented by his back woodsy banjo licks and down-and-out lyrics”

“Deft slide guitar, sexy, bluesy vocals and haunting, speeding melodies”

“An apocalyptic vision, with a beat you can dance to ”

“The Folk Everything Man. Ashley Raines is songwriting flexibility personified.”

“Raines is an exceptional singer, with a full-throated, earnest voice born of camping in the desert one night and playing for noisy rooms of unappreciative strangers the next”