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“EDITORS' PICK! Singer-songwriter Ashley Daneman studied with Kate McGarry and Theo Bleckmann while earning her master’s degree in jazz vocal performance at the Manhattan School of Music. Daneman’s music certainly would appeal to fans of McGarry and Bleckmann, but her full-length debut makes it clear that she is carving out her own unique identity. A key theme to this program of nine original compositions is the notion that music can have a healing quality. The positive message of the gorgeous tune “Where No One’s Ever Lost” is conveyed by lyrics such as “I say to the dark, I am tired of these things I’ve had to bear/ And now I want to go where no one’s ever lost.” Daneman’s vocal control and phrasing are impressive here, and she has crafted an arrangement that gracefully merges her wordless singing with the poignant cello work of Amali Premawardhana. The lyrics to “Think On Whatever Is Lovely” contain some phrases that would work well as a mantra to help someone”

“BEST OF 2014! “beautiful jazz art music from a gorgeous voice with superb accompaniment” (I got to hear it Dec. 2014, but you have to wait 'til Jan. 2015!)”

““…think Joni Mitchell with a Master’s Degree from a prestigious program in Jazz Vocal Performance.” “…a catchy folk vibe combined with a brave vocal inventiveness that you’re not likely to hear from too many singers today, but a combination in her hands that needs to be heard more often.””

"a fine young jazz vocalist"


“...an uncompromising concoction of subtle and intimate jazz with a touch of hipster singer-songwriter component.  You wouldn’t think the twain shall meet, but they did…and very creatively indeed!”


“...what truly distinguishes the group is the vocal stylings of singer Ashley Daneman...she owns that most pleasing of all musical traits, a decidedly individualistic style and a willingness to take interpretive risks, the true hallmark of the dedicated jazz musician...”

Franz Matzner - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“When Ashley Daneman encants ‘The Skies of South Dakota’ in a moving Baez-ish near-a-cappella reminiscent of a toned-down Joe Hill, the ear is entranced by the purity and control of the chanteuse.”


“The best number is 'The Skies Of South Dakota', sung virtually acapella by an assured Ashley Daneman.”

Lisael - ROOTSTIME (Netherlands)