Ashley Collins / Press

“Ashley Collins will go far. I’ll put money on it!”

Bluesbunny Music Reviews

“America has Ga Ga, Australia has Kylie, Scotland has...Ashley Collins!”

Gary Duncan Fifth Avenue Band

“It isn't too much of a stretch to see her filling dance floors in Europe or even Japan for that matter”

Bluesbunny Music Reviews

“After booking live artists for over 10 years "Ashley Collins" was most definately one of those little gems that doesn't come along very often.”

DJ Shawn Roberts - TLC Glasgow Passionality

“I want to be Ashley Collins’ manager. I’ll make more money that way”

“You don't know who she is now...but you will! She is kinda nuts but in a good way!”

“Ashley has proved that she is dedicated to success.”

“Ashley reminds me of Lulu in her early years in Glasgow.”

Andy Codona

““The Glamorous Life” will impress with its seriously sharp wit.”

“Ashley Collins will work hard for your money.”