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“It’s difficult to believe that Chicago singer, Ashleigh Ashton , has developed such a polished sound at only 17 years old. Comparisons to Taylor Swift inevitable, Ashleigh brings her own unique charm to the table along with a long list of credentials for someone her age. Having some major performances and having worked with some major industry personnel, she’s well on her way to a lasting career. If you like what you hear, check her out on Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation.”

Label Recruit, New York, NY

“I first discovered Ashleigh when she was a 14 year aspiring singer-songwriter and was blown away by her talent and voice. In fact, I was so impressed by her that we made Ashleigh our first "Rising Star" on MashPlant.com, and did a feature about her as we felt her talent and personal story of channeling negative experiences into positive creativity will serve as an inspiration to our audience. Music and acting are equal passions of Ashleigh's. I have seen her work at Piven, and have admired her commitment that requires she and her family to drive more than 100 miles every Saturday so she can pursue her passion. I just wanted you to know that I could not recommend a better candidate for Second City, not just because she's talented, or because her ensemble ethic has been refined over her years of being involved at Piven, but because this is genuinely a young person worthy of support, who will bring as much to the program as she will get. ”

Jason Brett, CEO & Founder of Mashplant.com - Second City Reccomendation Letter

“Rockit Bar was packed. It was your typical Hollywood party, a fundraiser for the Foundation of Artists Mentored in Entertainment started by Lily Liu, President of LTA. F.A.M.E. provides artists with resources. It wasn't till Ashleigh Ashton, a sixteen year old singer, played a song she wrote herself; that people's focus turned from themselves to the stage. Ashleigh, who looks every bit her young age, appeared completely out of sync with all the models and good looking men in dark suits. The winner was Ashleigh Ashton. On a night that could have been about showbusiness and schmoozing. A quiet, shy, young artist was rewarded for her emerging raw talent. This is exactly what F.A.M.E. is about: nurturing young new talent. Even in a room filled with industrty professionals it showed that we can all still be moved by the young artist still inside of them.”

“I first saw Ashleigh Ashton at the Hidden Shamrock Open Mic thanks to the recommendation of Leigh Evin McCullough. I immediately asked her to come in and record a Podcast. Ashleigh is a strong performer and really quite good considering she is only Sixteen years old. Let's see, what was I doing at that age? Enjoy this beautiful young woman's performance. I am certain that you are going to see and hear much more from Ashleigh. Michael Teach, Founder/Host, CAU ”

“Ashleigh Ashton is a rising young star featured on Mashplant.com, an organization formed specifically to mentor kids and teens who want to work in the entertainment business. The first time I heard this young lady sing, I was blown away! I could not believe she is only 16! She opened her mouth to sing and I thought it was a grown woman What a voice!! Ashleigh has been featured on CAU, 4 Women, and has shared the stage with a ton of local and nationally acclaimed acts already. I'm not even sure she can drive yet LOL ”

Leigh Evin McCollough - Hidden Shamrock Open Mic Page

“ASHLEIGH ASHTON, is a young singer that is above average and highly aimed at super-stardom, and I don't really give this recognition out that often! Country people who know me well..... know it takes someone real unique to move me to say these words! Just listen to this young country artist sing, and you will agree with me! She is staying on my site gang!! Or my country name is not Jimmy Stix! When a BIG corporate record label hears this young lady, "MARK my words" here gang....... she will reach the super-stars!!! http://www.stixmix.org/featured-artist.php”

“Congratulations, ASHLEIGH ASHTON as we have nominated you for The Southern Star's Independent Artist of the Year Award! The voting to determine the finalists begins midnight December 31st 2011 and ends on September 1st 2012. The votes will be cast online by fans and the public under secured voting systems. The chosen three finalists will be featured on our live stream Awards show Broadcast Dec. 2012.... The Southern Star Media Group”

The Southern Star Media Group

"Ashleigh is flexible when it comes to performing, she can get right in there with the best of them on guitar or without. The vocals she has will make you listen and this beautiful face of hers belongs on camera. For me it was pure joy to watch her perform, always smiling , you can see that, she is a real down to earth person. I think this is what helps her performance stand out, if you are real and love what you are doing it will show."

“Ashleigh Ashton, is one of the fastest Rising Stars on the Country and Pop scene with the hit songs “Break In Two” and “This Love” Ashleigh Ashton will soon be a popular name on the Country Pop circuit! There has been a few who started out early who are gone today but Ashleigh Ashton has the sound that takes years to achieve see what all the fuss is about and join her on “The DrCal Hour of Insight” with DrCal host….be one of the first to hear this talented artist And rising star! ”

“So here I am on a flight to New York, 33,000 feet above Pennsylvania and listening to "This Love"…smile pasted across my face, head bouncing to the beat and the infectious sound of your voice. And I'm sitting here remembering the day we met, when I left the Shirley Hamilton Agency, your CD in hand, thinking - "She's a kid – how good could she be?" Funny…. No sooner had I popped your CD into the car stereo, than I had my answer… Pretty awesome. You have a long career ahead of you, Ash - and I have no doubt that you will enjoy success, because you are talented and because you are passionate and because you are determined to succeed. But trust me on this – your secret sauce? Your family. The collective energy, positivism and love of your family is a powerful force of nature. You are blessed to have them in your life, and I know that you know that., because you are grateful and generous and humble and real. That's a team we want to play on. ”

Jason Brett, Founder & CEO of Mashplant.com - A FAN LETTER

“Wait till you hear the singer songwriter who is making a really big noise Ashleigh Ashton sing her original tunes. You'll see and hear why she's a rising star. Don't forget who told you first. Love all around, Meg”

Megon McDonough - Megon McDonough, on Facebook

“ Ashleigh: Words can't do jutice to how much I was moved while listening to your voice and lyrics today. There was one song that brought me to tears, and I have no idea why. You obviously touch many hearts in a posivtive way with your energy and gift. Anyone who experiences your "light" will see the fortune in having you among our creation.”

Quaitie Stella - University of Wisconsin Performance

“Follow Ashleigh on: FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/ashleighashtonfanpage Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AshleighAshton YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ashleighashton MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ashleighashton/?pm_cmp=nav ”

“Ashleigh Ashton now has physical CDs of her EP "DEFY" as well as downloads available at CDBaby.com!! The physical CD has 2 BONUS tracks that are not available as downloads!! Acoustic versions of her songs "Free" and "Used To The Pain" Buy it Now!!! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ashleighashton”