Ashes of the Forgotten / Press

“ATP Records is proud to welcome Ashes Of The Forgotten to the family. They are recording some new tunes. Their sound is a mix of death metal, blackend death & progressive thrown into the mix. Check them out at Arm The Pit.”

“I'm Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, Divine Heresy and Asesino, check out this killer band called Ashes of the Forgotten”

Dino Cazares

"Wow.... Ashes of The Forgotten killed it last night....great job!!!! Randall Shred and the rest of Pull Out And Run Radio always know how to entertain" (quote/review on our show at The Boiler Room 8/1/12)

Dallas Metal Scene

"if you missed Ashes of The Forgotten....holy SHIT you missed out..." (quote on our performance at The Boiler Room 8/1/12)

Randall Shred - Pull Out and Run Radio

“You guys are sick as fuck”

Marcus Anton (San Diego, CA)