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“Ashbury, the band’s story is well known in underground metal lore; however, for those who haven’t been paying attention, here’s a primer. In 1983, two brothers, Randy and Rob Davis, recorded an obscure gem of an album called ‘Endless Skies.’ It wasn’t really metal, as it featured prominent acoustic guitar, soothing vocals and a laidback approach. Before you knew it, the Davis brothers were being invited to appear at prestigious festivals like Keep It True, Muskelrock, Frost & Fire and yes Ragnarokkr. Tonight marked their second appearance at Ragnarokkr (2013 and 2016), and they were greeted like returning heroes. They played everyone’s favorites from ‘Endless Skies,’ inducing goosebumps and tears and endless singalongs throughout the room. There’s a certain magic to an Ashbury show. I can’t really explain it. It isn’t metal. But it’s beautiful, it’s ascendant and everyone in the room feels it. Can’t wait to experience them again at Frost & Fire I”

"Epic hard rockers ASHBURY have been enjoying renewed popularity in recent times thanks to the rediscovery of their LP from '83, ENDLESS SKIES; a true classic of melodic hard rock which marries the melody of Wishbone Ash with the delicate vocal lines of James Taylor and the grandiose scope of heavy metal. In light of this much deserved renaissance, the band have regrouped for several successful appearances at metal festivals on both sides of the Atlantic. Now, 2015 will see Ashbury tread the boards at Keep It True Festival in Germany and Muskelrock Festival in Sweden. James Blackford caught up with band-leading brothers, ROB and RANDY DAVIS to revisit ENDLESS SKIES and survey the band's long history..... (interview follows on pages 62-65).

“This past weekend I attended the Frost & Fire Festival in Ventura, CA. •"Ashbury – They are not a metal band but seemingly fit perfectly in this fest. Singer/acoustic guitarist, Rob Davis, and I connected recently on Facebook and it was great to meet and talk to him and his brother before and after the show. The front room packed out when they started their set and everyone there loved them. Everyone was singing along and it was just an incredible set. They played the entire Endless Skies album and closed with Tull’s Cross-Eyed Mary. I can’t recommend the album or seeing them live enough. They’re playing Ragnarokkr 2016. Just absolutely incredible. I bought one of their shirts prior to the show and had both of the brothers sign my CD. Great guys."”

“Can you imagine any other place where you can celebrate high-level metallic music presented by TITAN FORCE or RIOT in combination with rocking gems like ULI JON ROTH or ASHBURY? We proudly present our report of the most amazing metal festivals of all amazing festivals in the whole world-KEEP IT TRUE." ASHBURY Remembering their gig in 2013 at ´Hammer Of Doom´, which was pure magic, it was again a really fantastic happening to witness those Hard-Rock-Wizards from Tucson, Arizona drawing melodies. There is some good reason why their debut album ´Endless Skies´, released in 1983, is compared to the highlights of WISHBONE ASH, RAINBOW and the ALLMAN BROTHERS. So, for all those here in Königshofen who didn´t feel some warmth growing in their hearts when listening to ´The Warning´, ´Take Your Love Away´ or the divine ´Madman´, they are most likely not very into Hard Rock. ASHBURY finalized their outstanding performance with a JETHRO TULL Cover of ´Aqualung´. Really Great!”

“ASHBURY from Arizona are a true gem which was picked up by the organizers of HAMMER OF DOOM. I have to commit: I totally underrated the popularity of ASHBURY but as soon as they enter the stage I realize that this band has a strong fanbase. The fans in front of the stage are instantly singing along and I really love their sound. A big influence seems to be JETHRO TULL what is owed a little bit to Rob Davis voice. Their music is a beautiful blend of 70s prog rock with nice hard rocking moments and an epic direction. The band puts their heart and soul into this performance and it's great fun to watch and hear them play. Because their style doesn't sound like the previous bands of this evening it's a great alternation with beautiful songs. ASHBURY is highly recommended to the prog rock connoisseurs around the globe and I will keep an eye on this band.”

Chris Fischer - amboss-mag

“That show (at Plush in Tucson) was unbelievable. One of the greatest if not the greatest rock show I've ever seen. And I've seen a few.”

Al Perry - KXCI-FM

“(at Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival---May 3, 2013 in Chicago): "Ashbury had their true, devoted fans there...but also won over death metal fans and had them saying Ashbury was their favorite performance. Had all their fans in tears, and had the whole room chanting ASH-BU-RY!!!”


“This unbelievable album (Endless Skies) came out in 1983!!! Home of the band is Tucson, Arizona. But they sound more like Wishbone Ash. Lets say southern rock meets mystical, celtic tones. This album is a breathtaking beauty. Brilliant double-lead guitars and awesome lyrics. Don´t miss this milestone. MUCH MORE THAN 5 STARS!!!”

"The best band EVER in Arizona"!

“What can you say for Rock legends! Respect & Appreciation! Phase is with you”

“Ashbury's 1983 "Endless Skies"...What we have here is a guitar oriented album, with epic lyrical themes and majestic vocals..with visible influences of 70's Hard Rock, the early BLACK SABBATH works, and JETHRO TULL's sounds, this band has succeeded to create a unique masterpiece--one that's never gonna find a replacement once you hear it. OUTSTANDING songs..full of emotion. lyrism and ethereal middle-ages sense...they'll make you get lost in your mind, walking among your thoughts, unveiling your past and looking at your future. If you consider yourself a friend of music, make a gift to your self by hearing this diamond!”

“feel like I just found a “diamond in the ruff.” Around 9:00 p.m. last night, I was relaxing on the patio, FM radio, KXCI “Locals Only” program as background music. Suddenly, the sound started nudging me; “Listen!” “Listen!” The music sounded very familiar. Was it Jethro Tull? Black Sabbath? Moody Blues? Whoever it was, it had that late 70’s, early 80’s rock sound, with dash of James Taylor mixed in. Whoever the group was, I loved the lyrics and the lead guitar – it was magical! As it turns out, I was listening to a live, in the studio production, when the host introduced the band – “Ashbury,” playing songs from their 1983 album, “Endless Skies.” Never heard of them! How could it be? A group this good and I had never heard of them ”

“Excellent CD. Sounds like Firefall meets Outlaws! You can't go wrong with this one!!! 5***** rating!”

“Ashbury is one of the most musically proficient and enjoyable bands I've ever listened to. The talent runs deeper than deep. Al Perry of KXCI-FM says "The best band EVER in Arizona". That needs to be expanded on - Ashbury is one of the best bands ever anywhere!”

“Great Rock songs! They cover everything from heavy and powerful to sublime and melodic, while deftly traversing the spaces in between! Simply put...the best of the best!!!”

BEYOND THE CAGE - Reverbnation

"Something Funny Going On"--This is Ashbury's 2nd release. All trax here have been written, arranged, performed and produced by Randy and Rob Davis. It is Ashbury's follow-up to "Endless Skies" in answer to numerous requests from fans for another original album. This is vintage Ashbury indeed! The re-release of this album has new artwork, lyrics, and informaion about the band. "Something Funny Going On" is really good and reminds me of their debut album "Endless Skies", only it is a bit less aggressive. The best tracks of the CD are "The Cold Light of Day", "Always Something More", "Sonora Rain" (best track of the album),"Sundown Turnaround" and the title track. The 2 CDs, along with their brand new T-shirts (I already bought one!) can be found at the band's official site. In conclusion, the 2 Ashbury releases are just a must for all friends of quality music.

“...soon after that (I) did an album with the Davis brothers "Ashbury" ENDLESS SKIES album, which has been a constant seller and on top of a lot of "best" lists for the last 25 years in more than 10 countries in Europe....and now I'm working on a REUNION album and tour of Europe with my all time favorite song writing duo, Rob & Randy Davis of "Ashbury"”

Johnny Ray - SLIT Magazine Fanzine

“Arizona is freakin' HOT because you guys have got your Amps cranked to 11!! AWESOME true Rockstars here!”

“Ashbury "Endless Skies" 1983, I am seriously in love with this band. This isn't good, this is pure class from minute 0 'til the end of the 38th grandiose minute of this beautiful, beautiful album. In equal parts straight forward rocker and delicately acoustic, "Endless Skies" is one polished gem of epic proportions. With surprisingly good lyrics allied to very mature songwriting and STELLAR lead guitar--this is a definite must. The production of this record is simply amazing, everything is clear..drums and bass placed proudly in the mix, though the guitars and the voices of the Davis brothers are what shines out the most. If you like the folky atmosphere of "Mythical and Magic" as a whole, your money will be well spent, and if like me the MOODY BLUES strikes you as a great band, you're in for an other-worldly experience.”

“Ashbury "Endless Skies" Awesomely, beautiful prog-rock. While not metal, or anything new, this album is a good place to start to hear what might become some of the better well known metal/doom bands. It's definitely prog-rock but, there's hardly any of the wankery you would expect from a release done in 1983. Yep that's right, the original vinyl pressing was done in '83. Don't let that turn you though. The lyrics are of a somewhat gloom-doom nature and the music overall has a very proto-doom sound. I highly reccomend this if you like Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult or any of the god-fathers of what would become metal. Awesome, awesome record. ”

“Thanks for all your great stuff! Endless Skies is one of my favorite albums of all time”

Rickard Lindell - facebook

"Endless Skies"...a couple of guys named Randy & Rob Davis came up with this absolute beaut of a record. The songs are so good, the playing so spectacular that you're going back and hitting repeat to hear every single track again. From the opening of "The Warning" through scorched in your brain hook-laden jewels like "Twilight" and "Vengeance", this album stands up with anything from the '70's, including the big boys! This is the real deal, kids...essential for any '70's hard rock fanatic!

“Ashbury has an interesting history and while they mostly played in OK. and TX. in the late '70s (as Ashbury South), they relocated to AZ. in 1980 and this is where their debut album was recorded and came to life. Originally released as a limited vinyl recording in early 1983, it became a bit of a cult item. It is a pretty cool record of melodic classic 70's Rock, and features a few just totally killer tracks like "Vengeance"..just a great rock song! Randy Davis and brother Rob, who sings lead vocals and has a cool laid back vocal style are the band. Randy plays more or less all the instruments except drums (Johnny Ray). "The Warning" opens the record and is classic style hard rock with acoustic guitar and gives you a taste for what comes forth...”

“Musically excellent and well written tunes; with great vocals and harmonies. A genre-bending, diverse and enjoyable listen! The deeper I get into the Davis Brothers/ Ashbury roster, the more I realize that I've stumbled on a treasure trove of musical excellence. Absolutely stellar performance!!!”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“Interview with Ashbury, published May, 2010! "Endless Skies", "Something Funny Going On" and Ashbury's status as a European/American cult favorite since 1983 are all covered and more!”

“In 1983, while Ashbury (the Davis Brothers) were being rackateered or ignored by the major Record labels, "Endless Skies" was being bootlegged in Europe and became a very popular cult album! Considering the number of sales more than 25 years later, one could say that the Davis Brothers--Ashbury are the most criminally underrated band ever!! Great songwriters and performers!!”

“...the singer accounts for a lot of the quality of "Endless Skies", and his warm baritone carries a lot of the songs...another plus is the lead guitar, which is soulful and vibrant without being simplistic or boring...there are also a few dual guitar leads, which are definitely a plus...the coup de grace is the title track; an epic of 7 minutes, it displays many progressive elements and reminds me at times of WISHBONE ASH. Ashbury can really rip out a good heavy riff when they try.”

“Ashbury interview with "Behind the Veil" web-zine!”

"Endless Skies" from Arizona band ASHBURY...on a single listen you will decide that this was probably deserving of a major label release in the first place. "The Warning", and the superb "Vengeance" would lead anyone to expect an album influenced by BLACK SABBATH...Plenty of surprisingly polished songs with a strong reliance on acoustic guitar (Rob) filling the sound and allowing some superbly melodic lead guitar (Randy) to flourish... the catchy as hell chorus of "Madman" and the epic classic rock of "Hard Fight". It's not even too wild a suggestion to compare the albums other instrumental "No Mourning" to early EAGLES as it wouldn't sound out of place on anything pre or including "One of These Nights". In fact there just isn't a poor track in any of the nine that make up the 40 minute opus with the final 7 minute plus stunner of title track "Endless Skies" almost justifying the purchase price alone.

“:Endless Skies" CD...a real gem for fans of classic hard rock and even 70's metal heads into such obscurities as Legend (From the Fjords), or southern rockers into groups like Outlaws. Hypnotic vocal hooks and a mystical atmosphere mixing acoustic and electric guitars lures you right into this group's unique hard rock sound! It's amazing how such talent can slip right under the radar.”