A.S. / Press

“Hypnotic, haunting and catchy at the same time”

Alex Horton

“Well produced, thoughtful, melancholic piano-based pop”


“Exile is decidedly dark, the duo take that vibe and create a hauntingly beautiful record that won't disappoint”

Venture Mag

“Invisible Kiss is the stand-out tune: rich in colour and of a breathtaking expanse, it could be their very own Comfortably Numb”

Culture Fly

“For fans of epic sounds, progressive musicianship and a sound akin to the aforementioned Muse or Radiohead, this record is a real gem waiting to be explored over multiple listens”

Culture Fly

“Melds malaise and detachment into something darkly wonderful...”

Renowned for Sound

“the music is timeless and magic, the production is luxurious and the songs are all enchanting”

"Exile" is a milestone

“The music is exceptional and definitely deserves to be heard”

“Absolutely intoxicating... every hair on your entire body will stand to attention”

“Gracefully... impresses with its high points. All making for a wonderfully personable and intimate collection of music.”

“The album itself is of top class... you could easily get lost in it”

“A unique signature sound... hypnotic... striking... mesmerising... heartfelt”

“They remind us of the greatly underrated Archive”

“Superbly played, excellently produced”

“Hits the high notes, recalling vintage R.E.M.”

“One of the best albums ...so far in 2013 - 8.9/10”

“Exile is amazing”